Paying for WoW

As I said in yesterday’s post, starting this summer there will be four members of my family playing WoW together.

While this is fun, it also comes with the burden of paying for four subscriptions.  I am not excited about paying $60 per month for a game.

I haven’t paid a dime for WoW since they introduced the WoW Token.  Just with Garrisons and a little AH work I am able to bring in about 60k-70k gold per month, which easily pays for my monthly token.

My new question – can I increase my revenue in order to cover Tokens for two monthly subscriptions?  Three?  All four?

I think I’ll be going into Legion with the goal of being a full-time gold maker.  Without the Garrison income, this will be through professions and playing the Auction House.  Can I bring in about 200k gold per month?  Will there be any convenient gold-making strategies in the Legion economy?  Time will tell.


Going Back to My Roots

Just over ten years ago, I decided that I wanted to start playing World of Warcraft.  This was in March of 2006, shortly after the Ahn’Qiraj event and about a year before Burning Crusade.

My wife insisted that she had to play as well.  Soon afterward, my two brothers and my sister-in-law subscribed.  This gave us a full 5-man group with my wife as healer and my youngest brother as tank.  We went into the game intending on just questing and playing 5-man content together as a family.  There was no thought of raiding or pvp or anything else.

At the time, my three children were ages 9, 3, and 2.

A new expansion is coming.  My guild has pretty much fallen apart, and I don’t expect many of them to come back for Legion.  I still play, but only solo content and the occasional LFG dungeon.

This summer, my wife is going to resubscribe.  My two older children have accounts and will have max level characters by August.  Thus, we have the makings of a 5-man family group once again.  My youngest doesn’t play, so we’ll have to fill that 5th spot from outside the family.

And so things come full circle.  I am going into Legion with no anticipation of raiding or playing max level content.  I am looking to quest and play 5-man content with my family.  And I am content with that.


Beta Day 2

Finally got a chance to check back in on the beta.

I made it through the intro scenario.  Success!  It was interesting – mostly a zergfest of continuous combat.  As I was running at about 3 fps, and also hadn’t hotkeyed all of my abilities, I didn’t do a whole lot of damage and I died a lot.  Broke all my armor, in fact, before the end of the scenario.  I’m looking forward to seeing this scenario again when the game is live so I am on my own character and I have a better computer.

I made it as far as finding my way to my Class Hall.  I won’t spoil it, but it was neat.  I have the quest to get my artifact weapon.  Then… bugs. The NPC I have to kill to advance the questline is missing.  So I am at a standstill until it is fixed.

All in all, doing some fresh questing was a welcome change from standing in my garrison.


Beta Day One

Nothing to report

I was able to download and install it with no trouble.

However, my old computer system is really dragging right now.  Even on the live version I run at about 6 fps.  The new expansion has greater system requirements so my expectations were low.

I flew through Stormwind, running at about 4 fps.  Got to the first quest, which sends you into a 5-man scenario.

At this point I remembered that I had no add-ons, so none of my ability bars were configured.  Oops.

None of that mattered.  I made it through about 80% of the scenario, and then it crashed.  Reloaded, went in again, and got to 50% before it crashed.  Then the server crashed.

So, no joy in this first run through.  I’ll wait a few days and try again.  In the meantime, I’m researching new computers that are in my budget.



Got my beta invite.

Should I play it?

I played it heavily when I was in the beta back in Wrath.  I also did a lot in the Mists beta and some in Cataclysm.  I completely avoided the Warlords beta.

I think this time I’ll jump in.  I have nothing vital going on in the live game other than making gold to support my Tokens for playtime.


Set Long Term Goals to survive content droughts

We’re looking at 14 months without any new content in the Warlords of Draenor expansion.  And yet I still have plenty left to do.

Early in the WoD cycle I set up some long term goals.  Collecting pets and mounts, earning reputations, getting achievements, leveling alts, making gold, etc…

As I played the game I would do these in small doses.  I didn’t try and race through them. Slow and steady. At this point, I still haven’t completed many of them.  I actually feel rushed.  It is true that my game time has fallen to maybe two or three hours a week, but I still feel that I have plenty to do to keep me occupied.

Each time I log on I have some activity that I can work on and make progress.  I’m never bored.

By this point, after five expansions, we should expect that content won’t come as fast as we’d like it.  I think that too often we jump into the game and try to do everything in a hurry.  If you set long term goals and maintain a moderate pace you’ll make the game last longer.



Still no spoilers

Until this point I have kept myself out of the loop on Legion.  I have not looked extensively at class updates.  I have not taken even a single glance at the Artifacts or the Class Halls.  I can tell that these are works in progress and so I have covered up my ears and said la la la la to keep from seeing them in an unfinished state.

With the announcement that Legion will drop on August 30, I expect that the game will move into beta by May.  At that point I’ll probably start looking at the way things are shaking out.

If I get invited into the beta I will play it.  I have been in the beta for the past several expansions and I try to do my job and give feedback, find bugs, etc…

On that note…

I’ve been playing WoW for a long time.  Is it my memory playing trick on me, or is this extended “alpha” testing new for Blizzard?  Hear me out…

In the past few expansions, the beta test populations have gotten larger and larger.  People have come to think of beta as early game access, rather than testing and bug fixing.  I suspect this might be frustrating for Blizzard.  When folks don’t get a beta invite, they get angry. (entitlement issues)

How does Blizzard fix this? They could just give out fewer beta invites.  However, that will alienate or anger an already dissatisfied player base.  So instead they run their usual beta testing but call it “alpha”.  No one is angry because there’s no expectation to get invited to a limited alpha, and they are waiting for the beta and their inevitable invite.

When the game does finally go to beta, lots of invites go out and it is essentially early access in everything but name.

So is Blizzard just changing the names to keep everyone placated? Lets see how many of us get into the beta.


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