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What is a guild?

Tobold made a post today about the definition of a guild as it pertains to raiding. It puts nicely into words something that I have been trying to explain to my guildies for a while.

From Tobold’s blog..

A guild is a group of online friends who decided they want to play together. A raid is an opportunity for a larger number of guild members to play together, with the purpose of maximum fun, enabling a maximum number of them to advance their characters.

This is the reason that my guild has been in existence since 2006. Friends first, raiding second.


Then and Now

Two years ago we were anticipating the release of the Burning Crusade.  As it turns out, it would not actually be released until January.  The pre-expansion patch came out in early December.

As I remember it, there was not nearly as much BC information then as there is WotLK info now.  People were playing in beta, and information about BC came from that.  But today there is so much coverage of the WotLK beta that I feel like I have already seen the whole thing.  Maybe I am just paying more attention now.

Both Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King brought a host of mechanics changes, from small tweaks to major overhauls.  Some classes got buffed, then later nerfed, others get nerfed then later buffed.

New Zones

Back then, BC introduced a vast new continent called Outland and a huge neutral capital city – Shattrath.

Today, WotLK is giving us another new continent in Northrend and a new neutral city – Dalaran.

Level cap

Back then, the idea of raising the level cap was great.  A lot of players had been stuck at 60 for a while and looked forward to leveling again.

Today, that is perhaps the least interesting part of the expansion.  Yes, we will get to level, but that has become an expected part of any new expansion.  The reason people are excited to level is just to get at the new talents and abilities.

New classes/races

Back then, the big deal about BC was the addition of two new races – Draenei and Blood Elves.  While the expansion did not add any new classes, the Blood Elves were able to be paladins and the Draenei could be shamans.  Before that, all shamans were horde and all paladins were alliance.

Today, rather than adding new races, Wrath is giving us a new class – Death Knights.  In addition, that class is starting at level 55, avoiding the leveling hurdle.


Back then, the BC expansion completely changed raiding.  Endgame raids went from 40-man to 25-man.  BC was a “guild-killer” as guilds with a solid core of 40+ raiders had to pare their rosters down for the new system.

Today, WotLK is changing raiding yet again.  Endgame raids will have 10 and 25 man versions to make it accessible to more players.  Because of the different options, most guilds should be able to adapt to this easily.


Back then, the PvP system had already gone through a number of changes, and at the time BC arrived it basically revolved around battlegrounds.  Burning Crusade introduced the Arena system.  It also added a new battleground – EotS.  In addition, the new Outland zones had world PvP objectives, such as Halaa and the towers in the Bone Wastes.

Today, WotLK is adding another new battleground and new arenas.  It is also introducing an entire PvP zone in Lake Wintergrasp with unique mechanics and rewards.


Back then, BC introduced Jewelcrafting as a new profession.  It went with mining and had Prospecting as a skill that went along with it.

Today, WotLK is giving us Inscription as a new profession, going hand-in-hand with herbalism.  Milling is a part of that profession as well.


Back then, I was a fresh level 60 when the pre-BC patch hit.  I had never run anything higher than UBRS.  I was a member of The Dragons, a casual guild that never quite got around to raiding.  I had almost completely blue gear, since most epics came from endgame raiding.  I went into the expansion expecting more of the same, and was pleasantly surprised when I was able to progress and raid and run more than I ever had in vanilla WoW.

Today I am the Guild Leader of The Dragons.  By the time WotLK hits I will have been in every raid instance except Sunwell.  I am completely decked out in epics, which are easily available through PvP, the very accessible introductory raid (Kara), crafting, and heroic badge rewards.  I have high aspirations about level 80 endgame raiding and seeing content sooner rather than later.

As you can see, in WoW the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Much of what we are getting mirrors what we got in BC, but Blizzard has improved and refined their product.  With eleven million subscribers, they must be doing something right so there is no need to make sweeping changes.  We obviously enjoy the game, so they will give us more of what we like.  Whether you are a raider, solo player, dedicated crafter, or PvPer there is something for you in the expansion (which is two weeks from today).


Zombie Invasion

Let me say right up front that I like the current world event.  Others do not.  To each their own.

I guess I can sympathize with some of the people complaining about the zombie invasion.  Its a minor inconvenience at times.  However, from a story perspective I really like it.  It feels like something real is happening and progressing as we watch, which is different than the static, unchanging WoW world we usually play it.  I am on a PvE server, so all of this fighting may be problematic for some, but I am enjoying it.

One inconvenience is when a flight master, quest mob, or auctioneer is dead.  Then we have to wait a few minutes for them to respawn (about two minutes, I think).  Not a big deal, really, in the grand scheme of things.

A bigger inconvenience is to get infected yourself.  That involves a corpse run, which can be annoying. Still, not a game-breaker.

Yes, its worse when you are low level.  I understand that.

My one and only problem with this entire thing it the repair bill.  Turning into a zombie is essentially forced pvp.  I don’t get repair bills from other forms of pvp, so why do I get them from this one?  Every time I get turned into a zombie I get a 4g repair bill.  Not cool.

Here’s how I deal with it…

Do things that keep you outside of the cities – As I have been running around leveling an alt, doing achievements, or farming mats for raid consumables, I have made every effort to stay out of the cities.  For the times I do need to go back (to train, or sell stuff) I’m only there for a short time.

Keep flying – if you have a flying mount, stay in the air at all times.  Log off in the air, too.

Go to out-of-the-way places – I’ve started using the mailbox on top of Scryer’s Tier rather than the one in the Shattrath bank.  There are rarely zombies up there.  I’ve been using the auction house and bank in Exodar.  Their zombie population has been much lower than SW or IF (although there are still some there).

Be patient – If the flight master or quest NPC is dead, just walk away.  Fly up in the air (if in Outland) or go hide in an out-of-the-way spot somewhere (if in Azeroth) and step away from the computer for a couple of minutes.  Get yourself a drink or a snack.  Zombies seem to come in waves.  When the current wave is gone, you should have time to do what you need to do after the NPCs respawn.

My level 1 bank toon in Ironforge has only been zombified one time.  He has had time to do full Auctioneer scans without being interrupted.  Between playing on my three toons I have only turned into a zombie three times total.  So it can’t be as bad as people are making it out to be, if you adjust your play style a bit to adapt to the current situation.

I am looking forward to the next steps in the progression of the event.  Things are always darkest before the dawn…


Don’t hold back – raid high end content now!

If you are not sure what to raid between now and WotLK – aim high. Imagine the highest level raid you think your guild could do, and then go to the next hardest one after that.

Two weeks ago our guild tried SSC and blew through it like it was a joke. We didn’t have time to get to Leotheras or Vashj, but nothing before them had been anything resembling a challenge. The buffing of class damage, tanking and healing combined with the nerfing of raid bosses has been a big hit for us.

This week, our officers and members figured that we would go into SSC again to clear it, or maybe try TK. I had a different plan. SSC was so easy it wasn’t even worth doing, in my opinion.

“We’re going to Mt Hyjal this week,” I said.

Then the whispers started.

One experienced raider whispered me that Hyjal was too big a step up, and then we really needed SSC/TK gear to do it.

Another experienced raider told me that I was biting off more than we could chew, and that running through SSC would be better for guild morale than wiping in Hyjal.

Bah! SSC was so easy it was boring. And with the expansion only weeks away, the goal now is not really to progress, but to see content that we may never get to see in the future.

So into Hyjal we went. Yes, it was challenging. That’s good, it wasn’t boring. The trash waves were fun (more fun for warlocks than rogues, but whatever). The bosses were interesting with new fight mechanics to learn.

How did we do?

Three bosses down. That’s right – our first time in, and we one-shotted Rage Winterchill, took a few tries to get down Anetheron, and then one-shotted Kaz’rogal. We had a few tries at Azgolar but had trouble figuring out the best way to do it with our raid make up. We could have gotten him, too, if we had more time.

Our guild jumped from T4 content to T6 content in two weeks. I have every intention of running Black Temple as well before the expansion. We may not reach Archimonde or Illidan, but we are getting to experience stuff that we had not dreamed of a few weeks ago.

Thanks, Blizzard.

And to any guild leaders out there – aim high. You would be amazed what you can do between now and November 13th.

P.S. – Zul’aman is also easy now. Before the patch, we had never gotten more than two timed chests or killed Malacrass. This weekend we got all four chests and cleared the whole instance.


I’m a Good Luck Charm

I finally got around to doing some of the holiday events last night. I hadn’t tried the Headless Horseman yet this year. A group of us rode up to Scarlet Monastery and took him down five times in short order.

In those five kills, we got the the Magic Broom, the Sinister Squashling pet, and the Horseman’s Reins! Lucky us!

I got the Magic Broom out of it. I’m disappointed that it only lasts 14 days… I thought they were changing that this time around.


Achievements – making us do stuff we normally wouldn’t

First I want to say that I don’t feel driven to get all of the achievements. Someone will read the title of this post and say, “well just don’t do them” and that person would be correct. In most cases I am not doing them. But there are a few that intrigue me because they are related to things I do anyway, like fishing and questing and raiding.

Last night my wife and I set out to run around and do some of the exploration achievements. We spent three hours in Kalimdor.

The good:

  • I got to see some areas of Azeroth I may never have seen otherwise, because it is a horde area or because I just skipped it while leveling. Orgrimmar, Durotar, parts of Stonetalon Mountains, etc…
  • It was a break from leveling my alt, which is what I would have been doing otherwise.
  • It was a nostalgia trip, as we ran through Azuremyst Isle saying, “I remember this place” and “These were fun quests.”

I had a fun sneaking into Orgrimmar to catch a fish there. I was lucky… I got there just as someone without stealth was trying to do the same thing. So that person got naked, mounted up, and ran through the entrance, dragging all of the guards with him. With the guards gone, I just stealthed right in, no problems. Made my way to the Valley of Spirits. Came out of stealth behind a pole, caught a fish, then stealthed out. Got spotted by a guard on the bridge and jumped into the river.

The bad:

  • Running on a ground mount is a chore when you are used to an epic flyer.
  • Its frustrating when you have one spot in a zone left undiscovered and you can’t find it. (Tel’athian’s Camp on Bloodmyst Isle took us forever to find)
  • Some of the old world content is just… bad.

When I say that some old world content is bad, I cite as evidence Wailing Caverns.

We looked at the achievement and it said we had to kill one boss. So we ran in there figuring we could knock that out in a few minutes. I had completely forgotten that you had to kill four other bosses before he would spawn.

That instance is a nightmare. Worst instance ever, in my opinion. It took a group of three level 70 toons an hour to finish it. Why? Because its impossible to navigate. The tunnels curve above and below each other. You can’t find anything. You get lost, and find yourself running past the same mobs over and over. Even a map add-on doesn’t help because of the criss-crossing of the tunnels.

I wanted to give up and hearth out after forty minutes. But by that time I was firmly in the grip of “I’ve invested this much time, it would be silly to stop now” thinking.

After last night I don’t feel a driving need to continue the exploration achievements. But I probably will. Because one thing in WoW that always draws you in is the “I’m half done so I might as well finish” rationale. Besides, it gives me something to do as a change of pace or when I am too distracted to run an instance.


Rogues and damage meters, post patch 3.0.2

Almost every rogue I know has a love affair with damage meters. It goes with the fact that our one and only job is to do damage, so we had better be good at it. For me, if there is a run where I did not top the meters, then I feel like I didn’t perform at my best. I don’t post damage meters in chat – that’s e-peening at its worst. I don’t brag about my dps… damage is what I am supposed to do, so there is nothing to brag about. I use the damage meter as a check that I am doing my job.  (I use Recount for all the great graphs it provides)

The good news for rogues… in this post-patch world your damage meter totals should be beyond your wildest pre-patch imaginings.

The bad… so will everyone else’s, and maybe beyond yours.

For the next few weeks, I and a lot of rogues might be a little uncomfortable looking at our meters. Its not that the classes have all been buffed (although they have), but the fact that the way the game is played has changed, at least until November 13.

Since every tank can now do AoE threat and hold aggro on multiple mobs, raid mobs don’t hit as hard, and every healer can push through scads of healing, every pull can now be an AoE pull. In my three raids and two instances this weekend, we used almost zero crowd control. Ever. Almost every trash pull was a gather-em-up-and-nuke-em-down exercise.

That means that balance druids are in boomkin-heaven right now. Hurricane with no cooldown? Let ‘er rip. Warlocks, mages… their damage is going to be through the roof on group trash pulls.

Also, mobs are dying really, really fast. Rogues need a little time to build combo points and get into a rotation. There is little opportunity for that right now. So burst damage classes will excel on single-target trash pulls.

In our SSC run, our balance druid was posting the Recount charts in raid chat after almost every pull, until we asked him to stop. I understand that he was excited to be putting out such ridiculous damage totals. He had never been close to the top of the meters before. It didn’t bother me. I was happy for him.

Wait, who am I trying to kid? Of course it bothered me. I still have my own personal standard of performance, and I had to strive to meet it. At first I was a little frustrated with the hectic play style. Eventually I became numb to it. It was obvious that I could not keep up on most trash pulls.

Fortunately, we rogues can (and should) still be at the top on single-target boss fights. At the end of the SSC run I was the top damage overall, mostly because I nearly doubled the moonkin’s damage on the Tidewalker fight.

I expect that this should level off after the expansion. The instance mobs should hit harder in Northrend (I hope) and AoE tanking should not be the norm. If it is, then we rogues may have to get used to a new world order in damage charts.


Classic WoW:
Dinaer - 11 Assassination Rogue
Cepheid - 13 Prot Warrior
Cartho - 11 Elemental Shaman

Retail WoW:
Dinaer - 120 Assassination Rogue (US - Sen'Jin)
Cartho - 120 Elemental Shaman (US - Quel-dorei)
Derence - 120 Prot/Ret Paladin (US - Sen'Jin)
Metius - 120 Shadow Priest (US - Sen'Jin)
Liebnitz - 120 Arcane Mage (US - Sen'Jin)
Darishin - 120 Resto/Balance Druid (US - Sen'Jin)
Fastad - 90 Subtlety Rogue (US - Sen'Jin)
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