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No accents in names

From the PTR Patch Notes (courtesy of MMO-Champion):

  • North American realms (excluding Brazilian, Latin American, and Oceanic realms) no longer permit letters with accents in character or guild names. Existing character and guild names with special characters will be unaffected by this change.
Best patch change ever?  Or best patch change EVER?
(I wish they would make this apply to current names.  Gawd, how I hate trying to figure out people’s alt-character filled nonsense.)

I’m OK with the Firelands nerfs

As the fallout from the nerfs trickles through the blogosphere, and I read about how trivial the content is now and how terrible it is that the nerf bat came so quickly, I am going to weigh in here on the side of support for Blizzard.  These nerfs are good for my guild, and I think that my guild is fairly average in the wide spectrum of WoW guilds that raid.  If its good for my guild, it must also be good for a lot of other guilds.

We’ve stalled in T12.  It sounds like I’m making excuses, but these fights play to our weaknesses.  My guild has always had trouble with highly technical fights, going back to Thaddius and Heigen in Naxxramas, Rotface in ICC, and the Double Dragons in BoT.  In past raids, for every technical “stand here then here then move here” kind of fight, there were also some fights that just measured throughput or skill at using your class abilities.  We excelled at some and struggled with others.  Firelands mostly seems to have “dance” fights with lots of target switching and little room for error.  Its not our strong suit.

As a result we’re stalled at 3/7 in there.   Some weeks we only get Shannox and are blocked by Beth’tilac and Rhyolith.

We’ve stalled in previous raid tiers as well.  However, Firelands feels… different.  In the past when we would stall, there was the feeling that if we all just got one more gear upgrade, or maybe just got one good break to fall our way, then we’d find success.  That expectation of success being just out of reach would keep us coming back and back and back.  For example, we wiped on the Lich King over 60 times, and it never got old or boring.

Firelands hasn’t given that feeling.  Wipes on Rhyolith don’t usually feel like we’re teetering on the cusp of success.  It doesn’t feel like one more upgrade or one good break would make the difference.  We just get annoyed at the fight mechanics.  Its much like Heigan back in the Naxx days, when people would wipe doing the dance, and no amount of gear could fix that.  So it is with the current content.  It has become frustrating.

For guilds like mine, this nerf will bring a fresh feeling to the raid.  Perhaps you don’t insta-die from every misstep.  Perhaps if one dps misses his spot and is killed, the raid can still pull out the victory.

Does that make it easy-mode?  Perhaps.  Does it diminish our accomplishments?  In some eyes, certainly.  However, given the choice between killing the nerfed bosses, or gradually having our raid team lose interest due to frustration, I’ll take the nerfs.


Edit: I will admit that I am puzzled as to why Blizzard doesn’t implement a more gradual nerf the way they did in ICC.


Rogue legendary… meh

Big news from patch 4.3 is the upcoming legendary dagger set for rogues.

As a long-time rogue player and blogger, I guess this is where I am supposed to gush on and on about how cool it is.


Let me tell you the most important thing I know about legendaries.  I don’t have one.  Six years of playing with hundreds of days of /played time and I haven’t even sniffed one.

Presumably the legendary will be obtained in a manner along the lines of the Ulduar, Icecrown Citadel, and Firelands legendaries.  In these, there was a long questline followed by collecting a series of drops from raid bosses.

Even though we completed the content when it was current, my guild never got close to completing either the Ulduar or ICC legendaries.  We’re not close to getting the Firelands one, either.

On top of that, I’ve run Black Temple and Sunwell a number of times and have not seen the drop-chance legendaries, either.

So if you ask me if I am excited about the legendary daggers, I’ll say no.  Legendaries aren’t for casual players.  Unless the method of acquisition is very different than expected, 95% of the playerbase has no real chance at getting a legendary dagger.  I’m not complaining – that’s how you keep a legendary weapon rare and special.  I’m just saying that I’m not part of the small group of players that can get it.

Maybe I’ll see one in Stormwind sometime.


Visual review of all rogue tier sets

Blizzard posted a preview of T13 gear as well as a visual review of all old tier sets.  Click on each one to see a larger image.  (images from the official Blizzard site)


Rogue Transmogrification Resource

I was going to write an entire post detailing the rogue gear sets as well as where they drop.  However, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.  This has already been done very thoroughly on WowHead.

This article has all of the tier sets as well as how to obtain each one.  It organizes them by tier or by class.  It also has all of the PvP sets.

The more I look at it, the more I think I may go with tier 6…


Another good place to check is WoW Roleplay Gear.  It has a lot of gear sets that go beyond just the tier pieces and offer a lot of varied looks.


Eliminate Maximum Melee Range

I’ve read a few posts on other blogs recently where they complain about the minimum range for hunters.  As an example, one blog complained that on the Baleroc fight, sometimes the hunter has to stand next to the crystal and its too close to dps the boss.  That is given as an example of why hunter minimum range should be removed.

In that spirit, and speaking as a rogue, I think we should be able to melee from anywhere regardless of range.

For example, in the Atramedes fight during the air phase all I can do is throw knives, which is all but pointless except to keep my trinket stacks up.  I think it would be much better if I could continue to melee the boss, even though it is 20 meters above my head.

In the Nefarian fight, after I have killed the demon on my platform, I have to sit there doing nothing (while the hunters can attack the boss).  That’s no fun at all.  If I could melee from 30 yards away then that would not be a problem.

What’s that you say?  Melee from 30 yards away is unrealistic?  Nonsense.  Its a game.  Anything that makes it more fun is of more importance than realism.  Or tactics.  Or strategy.


The above was sarcasm.

Of course it would be ridiculous if I could melee from 30 yards away.  Is it not equally odd to imagine a hunter firing off arrows from a range of 2 feet?   (I mean, any hunter other than Legolas of course)

My point is this – sometimes in fights you might have to stop attacking.  Circumstances dictate that you have a short period of the fight where you don’t do anything.  Its part of the fight mechanics.  Roll with it.  If you’re so concerned that you have to spend a few seconds without doing damage, then maybe you’re paying too much attention to damage meters.

I get the fact that hunters are the only class with a minimum range.  They also have pets who can keep attacking when the hunter is in melee range, so they aren’t totally inactive when they have to stand close to a target.   The argument that “my class has XXX disadvantage that other classes do not” doesn’t fly.  It implies that there should be complete homogeneity among the classes.  You can’t just complain about your disadvantages while downplaying your advantages.  There should be balance between them.



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