Warriors and Rogues and Shaman, oh my!

I’m currently leveling three characters in WoW Classic – a NElf Rogue (level 12), a Gnome Warrior (lv 20), and a Tauren Shaman (lv 16). The shaman is probably the most fun of the three.

With the shaman, I have a lot of control over managing my dps vs mana conservation. If I want to blow something up quickly, I fire off all my most powerful spells, drop a couple of totems, and burn it down. I’ll finish with almost no mana left and have to drink, but it got the job done. Plus, if I accidentally pull two things I can DoT them both, put down a Searing Totem and Stoneskin Totem, and have a fair chance to survive. On the other hand, if I want to conserve my mana so I can chain pull, I can downrank my spells and finish a fight with 2/3 of my mana left, ready to pull the next one. If I need to make an escape I have Earthbind Totem to slow my pursuers down.

The rogue is also fun. Good damage, although not as bursty as the shaman. Survivability is good, using gouge and evasion to control how much incoming damage there is. Plus stealth and sap mean I can choose when not to fight if I’m careful. If I pull two opponents I might be in trouble, but I can Sprint away if necessary.

The warrior is by far the worst experience. Despite having a lot of armor, it always seems like every fight brings me down to 30% health by the time I kill my opponent. It also has the least survivability if I accidentally pull two foes, despite putting talent points n the Protection tree. The rare dps bursts come from procs of Revenge which I can’t control. I always feel rage-starved and can’t use the abilities smoothly. I’m sure I must be doing something wrong, but I can’t figure it out.

I’m only leveling the warrior so that my group of friends will have a tank if we decide to run instances. Unfortunately, a couple of them have already given up on WoW Classic so that may never happen. In that case, I’ll probably give up on the warrior and focus on rogue and shaman, and maybe start a mage or priest.

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