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The Mythic Roadblock

I, like many others, am full-blown casual this expansion. My guild is a barely-there assortment of people who log on, play solo in silence, and log off without any real interaction. There are no guild raids, no guild dungeon runs. I don’t even read chat anymore because there’s never anything there.

I think that this is increasingly common in the game, as the role of guilds as an organizational tool has been replaced by in-game grouping systems.

This model suits me just fine right now. Heroics can be queued for and run in silence. LFR covers raids. World quests give gear upgrades. Artifact Power provides a feeling of progress and something to grind.

But it seems that so many of the progression paths in the game run through mythics.

  • Unlocking the Suramar questline… mythic Court of Stars and Arcway (I know that has changed)
  • New remade Karazhan? Mythic only. (yes, that has changed, too)
  • Want to craft a legendary weapon? Mythic dungeon runs required.
  • Following the profession questlines? Mythic dungeons.
  • etc…

For players like me, these represent a real obstacle. The only way to do mythics is to have a group, or to venture into LFG, where you might be judged based on your item level, kicked for low dps, or called names for dying to boss mechanics. You have to actually interact with people.

Now, my item level is fine. My dps is fine. I don’t die too often. I don’t get kicked. And yet I still feel put off whenever I have to go into a mythic dungeon. I know it is an MMO, and I know what that stands for, but the designers have done so much to turn this into a solo game that the mythic system seems almost out of place.

Right now I’m spending hours trying to get into mythic Darkheart Thicket as a dps. Tedious and boring, just hitting refresh on the LFG tool. This is not my preferred part of the game.


Raiding, sort of

I’ve done some more of the new Broken Shores quests on both my shaman and my rogue. Both are interesting, with a bit of class flavor. I really look forward to the parts of the game that are tailored to your class, race, or faction. It gives the game replayability. I’m actually curious to play on my priest or druid now, just to see how their story progresses.

I think I preferred the shaman one, just because the new follower we got was an actual lore figure that I know (and hate). The rogue’s new follower was a lesser lore character.

I was talking to someone and we reminisced about the Fangs of the Father legendary questline back in Cataclysm. That was probably the best solo activity I’ve done in the game. Too bad Blizzard has moved away from such unique events.


I have actually had a chance to raid recently. It is baby raiding, as in we’re doing normal Emerald Nightmare. But it is better than LFR and gives me a chance to play with other actual humans (unlike LFR, where many of the other player might as well be poorly programmed AI NPCs). We have voice chat and a raid leader. Such a throwback to the good old days.

In all my years of playing, I have never used a paid character service like a faction transfer or name change. I’m now considering it. I’ve been raiding with some RL friends and their guild. Unfortunately, I am not on their server, so we can’t trade items during the raid. This may be a reason to move to their server and join their guild.

That would provide me another new experience. I’ve never been in a guild other than my current one. I’ve never seen how other guilds operate. This might be a bad time to experience this, because a lot of guilds are suffering these days (my friend’s guild is no exception). But it might be interesting to be in a guild where I’m not an officer.


My raiding has been on my tauren shaman. His item level is now higher than my rogue’s. However, I can easily pull more single target dps on my rogue than I can on the shammy. Years of muscle memory, I guess. I still have to think about what I’m doing on the shaman. Still, I have made a good showing on the dps meters in our raids. If I pop Stormkeeper then my AoE is through the roof, and there are plenty of fights with adds.


I have more to do than I could possibly finish in any immediate time frame.

  • get my followers to 900 so I can do the Challenge Mission
  • Get to revered rep with the new faction to get Legion Flying
  • work on crafting a legendary with my leatherworker rogue
  • track down the recently located Riddler’s Mind-Worm mount
  • keep playing so I can get a 2nd legendary for my shaman



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