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Legion – Intro Quests – Subtlety Rogue

I finally got around to doing the Sub Rogue artifact quest. I had put it off because I’ve been leveling my rogue alongside my wife, and I didn’t want to get ahead of her in XP by doing extra quests.

I thought the Sub rogue artifact quest was pretty epic, but too short.


The visit to the Underbelly, the cut scene with SI:7, these all had good rogue flavor. Then at the end, when Kil’jaeden showed up, I had the biggest grin. I thought that was much more impactful than some of the other artifact quests I’ve done.

The down side for me was that it was really quick. At one point, when we teleported to the citadel, the quest text said that I can use my rogue skills to reach the target. This sounded like a good old-fashioned stealth mission! However, I just sprinted once and ran past the non-aware mobs and I was there in a few seconds. I was hoping for more.

It was easy. Was the fact that I did it at level 110 a reason that it seemed so easy? Still –  a good, epic-feeling experience.


Woefully Behind

I still think of my rogue as my main, even though I have not had a chance to play him much.

With the new patch coming out today, I look at where I stand. My rogue still has not even entered Suramar, and so has not done any World Quests and is still not geared enough to even run heroic dungeons. This is because I’ve been playing that character alongside my wife, and she doesn’t have much playing time at this time of the year.

So I won’t be going into Karazhan or the Trial of Valor raid on my rogue “main” any time soon.

I do have another max level character – my Arcane Mage. He has finished most of his Order Hall questline and is at Artifact Knowledge level 8. He has item level 845 and has run some heroics (but not mythics). Still haven’t killed Xavius, even on LFR, but that’s just been due to time constraints.

I could run raids, mythics, and Karazhan on my mage, but I’m still not really comfortable with the Arcane Mage rotation in raids. I run out of mana too quickly and haven’t mastered the conserve/spend routine. In many fights I do big damage early in the fight, and then fade as my mana dwindles and Evocation is on cooldown. We’ll see what today’s class balancing brings.

So that’s it. I’m not complaining that the content is coming too fast. This is purely a result of my current play schedule.


Fishing Raid

I’ve always been a fishing enthusiast in WoW. I won the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza back in the day. I get almost every fishing achievement (still haven’t caught the fish in Ironforge or Orgrimmar or the rat in Dalaran).

So, looking for something to do in game while semi-afk, I decided to check out fishing in Legion.

I found that there is a guy (Conjurer Margoss) who sells a pet and mount, but you have to grind reputation with him. the only way to get rep is to fish up Drowned Mana in the pool on his floating island near Dalaran. (you get there by gliding off Dalaran near the pet battle, or by fishing up a special item in the Dalaran sewers)

Problem is, the drop rate for Drowned Mana is fairly low, and you need nearly a thousand of them to get your rep up.

However, every so often you’ll fish up an item that allows you to summon a rare creature in the fishing pond. Kill him, and for the next two minutes you will get 1-2 Drowned Mana on every cast.

Doing this yourself is very slow, since the Emblems only come up once in a long while. Enter the fishing raid.

Through the group finder, I got into a raid group with 30-40 people fishing at Conjurer Margoss’ pool. With that many people fishing, it takes very little time for someone to fish up one of the Emblems and summon the monster. There is nearly 100% uptime on the buff that causes you to get Drowned Mana on every cast. Thus, you can get your reputation up much more quickly.

Its still a bit of a slog, but that’s always been the case with fishing.

Conjurer Margoss also sells Arcane Bait, which will be useful when pursuing the artifact fishing pole.


Legion – Intro quests – disc priest, ret paladin

I got back to trying some more intro/artifact quests this week. I logged into my paladin and decided to go at the retribution one as his first spec. How could I pass up Ashbringer? I wanted to see how we would get it back from Tirion’s unfortunate demise.

No spoilers, but it was pretty fun. I don’t really feel at home playing ret, so it was a little rough to get through. But the story was interesting and compelling and I enjoyed it. The paladin class order hall feels awesome, and the ceremony to anoint you there is very well-done.

On the other hand, the discipline priest scenario is basically the same as the arcane mage one, which I have already done. That was a mild disappointment. I was hoping to get a unique scenario for each spec. There were a couple of different features – I had to use Mind Control once as the priest and there was a point where I had to outheal some damage – but the layout and events were the same.

Looking forward to trying a couple more this week. I may even try to level my paladin a bit so I can go for the tank artifact.


Gold Making – powerlevelers only?

One of my favorite pastimes in WoW is making gold. I don’t do it by “playing the auction house”, or buying low/selling high. I have always done it through simple crafting. I find the crafted items that have a big profit margin, buy the raw materials from the auction house, make the item, and sell it. I’m not min/maxing my profits or being a so-called “goblin”. I make a steady income. It has gotten me to the (old) gold cap, mostly through inscription and enchanting.

I’ve been basically locked out of this activity so far, since didn’t speed level. The ability to get higher ranks of crafting recipes is something you don’t seem to get until level 110, and since those allow you to craft using fewer raw materials that is where the real profit happens. I’m just going through my max level crafting quests now, and I guess those recipes will be available to me soon. In the meantime, the big profits made by selling to first-week raiders are passing me by.

I’m not really complaining. Just lamenting that I’m missing out due to a change in the way crafting is done. I read in various forums when people say that they have already made hundreds of thousands of gold in the first few weeks of Legion, and I feel like I’ve missed out.



Feeling overwhelmed

I’ve mostly been playing my mage alt (although if that’s the class I play most, then isn’t that sort of not an alt?). He’s at 110 and is working through the Suramar storyline.

When I hit 110, I prioritized (1) crafting quests, (2) Mage Order Hall story quests, (3) Suramar quests, (4) World Quests. As a result of that prioritization, I have barely touched World Quests. I’ve been at 110 for 4 days or so and I think I’ve done two World Quests.

The sheer number of them on the map is intimidating. I look and realize what a huge time commitment it would be to try and do even a good fraction of them. And then I do something else.

Now, in my Mage Order Hall storyline, I have gotten to a point that requires me to complete 30 World Quests. Bleh. I feel like my progress is going to grind to a halt while I slog through these.

I keep hearing from people that the World Quests are a highlight of the expansion. I don’t have enough experience to judge, but they look to me to mostly be “kill a bunch of these things” or “kill this one guy that you can’t solo”. Maybe I’m wrong. Time will tell. I should be able to dig into the world quests this weekend, since I’m not yet able to do much else – not high enough item level for heroics and certainly not ready to raid yet.

On the other hand, I love the storyline quests in every zone. I get so wrapped up in reading the quest text and following along that I don’t want to stop to do other in-game activities.


Too soooooon

I’ve just gotten my first character to level 110. I have yet to step into Suramar or do a single World Quest. I have not run a heroic or mythic dungeon. I have not crafted anything at max level or used obliterium to upgrade gear.

The raids haven’t opened yet, so even the most hardcore no-life powerleveler has yet to exhaust content.

I don’t want to hear that Patch 7.1 is on the PTR. I don’t want to hear about what’s coming soon. I don’t want to think about all the stuff that I’ll be able to do later when I’ve got so much to do now.

You’re stressing me out, Blizzard.



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