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Rogue redesign in Legion

I’m not sure how long it would take me to get used to not using poisons.  I’ve used them since vanilla, going back to when we had to craft them ourselves.  They are second nature to me.  Fortunately, I typically play an Assassination rogue, and they are keeping poisons.

Here’s the quick recap:

Assassination rogues

No huge changes for assassination rogues.  No word in today’s preview about AoE.

  • Still use poisons
  • Still use rupture, garrote, mutilate, envenom
  • Seal Fate can now proc off of each hand with mutilate.  That means that  a single mutilate could potentially award 4 combo points on a double-crit
  • Venomous Wounds gives energy
  • Mastery increases poison damage

Combat Outlaw Rogue

The spec has been renamed and redesigned to embody more of a bandit/swashbuckler/pirate type.  Seems like it will play similarly to how combat plays now, but with a couple of neat new attacks.

  • Stealth de-emphasized.  Ambush is the only opener.
  • No poisons.
  • Still uses Slice and Dice, Combat Potency, Ruthlessness, Adrenaline Rush, Blade Flurry
  • Saber Slash replaces Sinister Strike.  35% chance to proc an additional attack, ad an extra combo point, and make the next Pistol Shot free
  • Pistol Shot – draw a concealed pistol. 20 yard range, slows movement.
  • Lunge Through = finisher
  • Mastery = Main Gauche

Subtlety Rogue

Emphasizing stealth.  Multiple ways of returning to stealth during a fight to re-open.  No poisons, but now can apply shadow DoT.

  • No poisons.
  • Shadowstrike – opener combines Shadowstep and Ambush.  Teleport and attack from behind.
  • Backstab no longer requires you to be behind the target, but grants a 30% damage bonus if you are.
  • Nightblade = finisher that deals damage and applies a shadow DoT
  • Still has Eviscerate as finisher, also
  • Shadow Dance – on a finisher, 20% chance per combo point to activate stealth for 3 seconds.  Creates a decoy of you to confuse enemies. Works differently in PvP.
  • Shadow Techniques – autoattacks can generate combo points (probably replaces Honor Among Thieves)
  • Mastery = Executioner, increases damage by finishers


Even though Combat was renamed and re-themed, it looks like Subtlety got the most changes.  Still, reading the forums indicates that people are pretty excited about the Outlaw spec.  We’ll see how all this evolves as Legion approaches and when we see all of this in beta.



Blizzcon has come and gone.  I watched the Overwatch stuff with some interest, although I may never play the game because I don’t expect to enjoy a game that is all fighting with no story arc.

The Legion information was pretty good.  Really it was “we’re bringing you lots more of the same!” which is fine if you’re still playing the game, as I am.  If you have left WoW, I’m not sure what was there that would bring you back.  The artifact weapon is cool – if you’re a paladin and get Ashbringer.  The other classes get more obscure weapons that would interest lore geeks, but they are not of themselves as exciting.

This is no fault of Blizzard.  The MMO genre is played out. They can’t change it because people hate change.  But by not changing it we just get more of the same.

With the Class Halls idea, I keep hearing people say that it looks like a glorified quest hub.  So what if it is?  After all these years, do you really expect WoW to abandon quest hubs?

I’m looking forward to a new leveling experience, new 5-man dungeons, and new story.  It looks like we’ll get Karazhan reimagined as a 5-man, Demon Hunters, and quality of life improvements.

As of this writing, Blizzard is revealing class previews three per day.  The Rogue preview is last.  The new Outlaw spec (formerly combat) should be interesting to see.  I’ll wait and see how that plays out.


Looks Like I’m Done Raiding

Now that the school year is in full swing, my available game time has dropped to an all time low.

Surprisingly, I found myself with a full day this Saturday with nothing to do.  I logged on and jumped into Draenor with hours of available play time.

And yet a full day of gaming later, I found that I never had any desire to queue for LFR.  I also wasn’t motivated to try and navigate the Group Finder to get into a group that might take me with no Normal Mode raid achievements.

Instead, I ran a couple of classic raids looking for pets (got none), did Brewfest on four characters to get the new Toys and Pet (got them), camped a book spawn in Dalaran to finish my Higher Learning achievement (done!), and worked on leveling another alt.

I found this thoroughly enjoyable.  I didn’t miss raiding in LFR at all.  Perhaps Normal raiding might be better, but I’m not sure its worth the effort to find a group.

Is this it?  Am I finally done with raiding for this expansion?  Forever? I’m doubtful that enough of my guildmates will return with Legion to start guild raiding again, so LFR might be my raiding option for as long as I play the game. Once I outgear the drops from there I might just be a full-time non-raider.


Still plenty left to do

I’m still playing.  Still lots left to do.

Why do I have so much left to do?  Because I ration my playtime.

Here’s how a typical WoW week goes for me:

  • Tuesday.  Log on for 20 minutes at night, do my garrison chores on 6 characters.
  • Wednesday:  Log on for 20 minutes at night, do my garrison chores on 6 characters.
  • Thursday: Usually don’t log in at all because I’m busy
  • Friday: Log on for an hour or so.  Do garrison chores and run Tanaan dailies on one or two characters.
  • Saturday morning: Do the Hellfire Citadel LFR raids on my rogue main.
  • Sunday morning: Do one or two wings of Hellfire Citadel LFR on my druid healer.
  • Monday: Usually don’t log in at all.

I have not run a single boss in Hellfire Citadel on Normal, Heroic, or Mythic difficulty.  I just don’t have the time.  It bugs me when people in chat tell me I should “get better and run Normals”.  I want to reply that they should “Grow up and get a job” but that is as ridiculous a generalization as the one they are applying to my lack of raiding.  LFR fits my schedule and playstyle.

I also have not run a Mythic Dungeon.  I may try that sometime soon.

I still don’t have my Safari Hat or my Stormwing pet or my Felfire Hawk mount.

I’m still short by more than 50,000 Apexis Crystals for some of the vanity items I want to buy.

I really want to get all the professions maxed.  There is no benefit to doing so right now other than tradition.  I have always prioritized professions, but they were so lackluster in WoD that I put them aside.  I still haven’t leveled Tailoring, Engineering, or Jewelcrafting.

So bring on more WoD time.  At least I can fly  :)


I finally got burned at the shipyard

Ever since the shipyard came out, I’ve been reading sob stories about people who failed on 95% shipyard missions and lost a ship.  I generally ignored these complaints as either (1) people who don’t understand that 95% is not 100%, or (2) people that want automatic success and can’t tolerate a little failure.

Maybe its karma, but I got my comeuppance today.

I failed a 96% missions and lost TWO epic ships.  I then switched to another character and failed a 93% mission and lost TWO more epic ships.  Two failures on 90%+ missions resulting in four lost ships.  Ouch.

I still stand by my opinion, though.  No whining.  I immediately bought four Shipyard Rush Orders and built four new ships.  They will be leveled to epic within a week or so.  Total set back is 2000 garrison resources, and having a couple of ships below epic level for a few days.

Yes, that does mean that my success chances will be slightly lowered while I level my ships.  Yes, it is possible that this will impact some other missions for a few days.  If I were in a terrific rush to get to a final goal, then might bug me.  I’m not that bothered.

Was it “fun”?  Of course failing isn’t fun on its own.  But a game that offers no risk isn’t fun, either.  The failing just makes the successes a little sweeter.



Stick it, haters

I just want to point out that there are easily over a half million people who tuned in to the live announcement on Thursday through Twitch and YouTube.  That’s in the middle of a work day in America.

Regardless of the doomsayers and haters, there are still plenty of people enjoying the game.  More than enough to keep it alive for years to come.


World of Warcraft: Legion

So Blizzard took a lot of things that people had been asking for and threw it all at us in one announcement.

  • No more orcs?  check
  • South Seas?  check
  • Burning legion?  check
  • Emerald dream?  check
  • Reworked PvP that can be balanced without affecting PvE?  check
  • Azshara?  check
  • Garrison-style common building that is NOT instanced?  check

The only things missing are true player housing, naval combat, and trolls.

The legendary artifact weapons are a neat idea.  However, someone brought up a good point about those.  These weapons are the pinnacle of their type.  There is no greater hammer than Doomhammer, no greater sword than Frostmourne, etc…  What does that leave for weapons in the next expansion?

In the preview they didn’t show the rogue weapons.  If Illidan wasn’t showing up in the expansion, I would have assumed it would be his warglaives.  With him making an appearance, and Garona as a follower in our garrison, I’m not sure what else rogues might get.  Van Cleef’s weapons?  Valeera Sanguinar?  Moroes?

Since I’m still enjoying the game, I don’t need to be convinced to come back.  I am excited that they are still trying to improve the game.  I just hope that the expansion brings back some of my friends that have unsubscribed.


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