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Reputation Rewards for Rogues in Mists of Pandaria

**Edited to reflect that Justice Point gear had its reputation requirement removed in a hotfix after launch**

This post is based on what I know as of a week before launch.  I’ll update it if I learn more or if things change.

As you level, you’ll earn reputation with many of the available factions through the questing that you do.  Once you reach the level cap there will be a large number of repeatable quests with most factions to grind out rep.  Interestingly, none of the factions require you to reach Exalted to buy their armor.  You get the rare (blue quality) items at Honored, and then the epic (purple) items at Revered.  The reason to get to Exalted is for vanity gear like mounts.

Also keep in mind that you no longer earn reputation by wearing a tabard in dungeon runs.  In MoP, its all questing and dailies.

Here’s a rundown on what you’ll look for.

The Klaxxi

This faction is found in the Dread Wastes.  It provides a blue quality wrist item that you can get at HonoredCruel Mercy Bracers , a blue quality one-handed mace at Revered – Amber Sledge of Klaxi’vass -and a purple neck item at Revered – the Choker of the Klaxxi’va as well as a purple waist slot item, the Klaxxi Lash of the Borrower and a purple leg slot, the Dreadsworn Slayer Legs. It also has a lot of blacksmithing plans and a scorpion mount at exalted.  Oddly, there is also a blue quality dagger at Exalted – the Amber Slicer of Klaxxi’vess.

Golden Lotus

Located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.  From this group you can get a blue quality neck item at HonoredAmulet of Swirling Mists and a blue quality hand slot at HonoredSurehand Grips.  There is a mastery trinket at Honored also with an interesting ability (PvP?) – Mogu Rune of Paralysis.  They have a lot of leatherworking and tailoring patterns at Honored as well.  At Revered you can get an epic ring – Anji’s Keepsake, epic boots – Softfoot Silentwrap – and an epic shoulder – Imperion Spaulders.

You need to get to Revered with Golden Lotus to start dailies with the August Celestials and Shado-Pan.

The August Celestials

This group has a lot of stuff.  You’ll find their quest hub in the Krasarang Wilds, but you unlock them by getting to a certain rep with the Golden Lotus.  At Honored you can get a blue cloak (Bladesong Cloak) and a blue quality chest (Refurbished Zandalari Vestment).  At Revered you will find the purple Fingers of the Loneliest Monk for your hand slot, Tukka Tuk’s Hairy Boots for your feet, and Quillpaw Family Bracers for your wrist.  There are three enchanting recipes at Revered, and two mounts plus a tailoring recipe (28 slot bag!) at Exalted.


This faction – found in the Townlong Steppes and another follow-up after the Golden Lotus – has a few good rogue items.  At Honored you can buy the blue quality Mark of the Dancing Crane for your finger slot or the Tough Mushanhide Leggings for your legs.  Once you hit revered you have access to the epic Blackguard Cape, Red Smoke Bandana for your head, and Hawkmaster’s Talon trinket (look at all that agility!).  Plus they have some enchanting recipes and mounts.



Here are the reputation items available for the various slots:

Note the general lack of daggers and swords.  Other than quest rewards, you’ll have to run instances to find those, or watch the auction house and be prepared to pay big-time gold for the few BoE weapons around.

There are an absolute ton of daily quests for these factions that open up at level 90.  Blizzard has removed the cap on the number of daily quests you can do each day, so be prepared to get to work.


Exalted with Shattered Sun

The Shattered Sun rep grind is almost insultingly easy. I will hit Exalted with them with one more round of daily questing, and I really wasn’t even trying. I only finished Magisters’ Terrace once, and I did the dailies to get gold for my mount. How often have you ever reached Exalted without trying? I got close with Kurenai just from questing in Nagrand, but any other faction I wanted rep with I had to motivate myself for a long grind.

Each Outland faction I have reached exalted with – Sha’tar, Consortium, Cenarion Expedition, Scryers – was a concerted effort to get there in order to get some specific items from their quartermaster. I remember when I decided I wanted the Guile of Khoraazi. Every day that I wasn’t running an instance, I was in Netherstorm killing Ethereals at the Heap. When I wanted to be Exalted with Scryers I used every spare moment to slaughter Blood Elves in Shadowmoon.  With Sha’tar and Cenarion there were not enough quests for rep, and I needed to do instance runs to get through Revered.

With Shattered Sun, you can do the dailies to get gold and “accidentally” hit Exalted in the process, which gets you some pretty nice items.

I’m not griping at all. I’m just pointing out that Exalted with SSO is no big accomplishment, which is a change from previous rep grinds.

And on top of that, once you hit Exalted you’re able to buy yourself a fancy title. I may get the title but, to be honest, I don’t deserve a title. I ran around day after day killing mobs that were so easy I could solo whole groups of them. And for that I get a title. That’s nothing compared to the rigors required for the older titles.

This is just part of the wind up before WotLK. Blizz certainly realized that the Quel’Danas storyline is short-lived and no one will do it after the expansion comes out, so it had to be done quickly. I don’t expect that rep grinds in Northrend will be this easy. And I am sure that Dinaer of the Shattered Sun will like wearing his Shattered Sun Pendant of Might.


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