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Reputation Rewards for Rogues in Mists of Pandaria

**Edited to reflect that Justice Point gear had its reputation requirement removed in a hotfix after launch**

This post is based on what I know as of a week before launch.  I’ll update it if I learn more or if things change.

As you level, you’ll earn reputation with many of the available factions through the questing that you do.  Once you reach the level cap there will be a large number of repeatable quests with most factions to grind out rep.  Interestingly, none of the factions require you to reach Exalted to buy their armor.  You get the rare (blue quality) items at Honored, and then the epic (purple) items at Revered.  The reason to get to Exalted is for vanity gear like mounts.

Also keep in mind that you no longer earn reputation by wearing a tabard in dungeon runs.  In MoP, its all questing and dailies.

Here’s a rundown on what you’ll look for.

The Klaxxi

This faction is found in the Dread Wastes.  It provides a blue quality wrist item that you can get at HonoredCruel Mercy Bracers , a blue quality one-handed mace at Revered – Amber Sledge of Klaxi’vass -and a purple neck item at Revered – the Choker of the Klaxxi’va as well as a purple waist slot item, the Klaxxi Lash of the Borrower and a purple leg slot, the Dreadsworn Slayer Legs. It also has a lot of blacksmithing plans and a scorpion mount at exalted.  Oddly, there is also a blue quality dagger at Exalted – the Amber Slicer of Klaxxi’vess.

Golden Lotus

Located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.  From this group you can get a blue quality neck item at HonoredAmulet of Swirling Mists and a blue quality hand slot at HonoredSurehand Grips.  There is a mastery trinket at Honored also with an interesting ability (PvP?) – Mogu Rune of Paralysis.  They have a lot of leatherworking and tailoring patterns at Honored as well.  At Revered you can get an epic ring – Anji’s Keepsake, epic boots – Softfoot Silentwrap – and an epic shoulder – Imperion Spaulders.

You need to get to Revered with Golden Lotus to start dailies with the August Celestials and Shado-Pan.

The August Celestials

This group has a lot of stuff.  You’ll find their quest hub in the Krasarang Wilds, but you unlock them by getting to a certain rep with the Golden Lotus.  At Honored you can get a blue cloak (Bladesong Cloak) and a blue quality chest (Refurbished Zandalari Vestment).  At Revered you will find the purple Fingers of the Loneliest Monk for your hand slot, Tukka Tuk’s Hairy Boots for your feet, and Quillpaw Family Bracers for your wrist.  There are three enchanting recipes at Revered, and two mounts plus a tailoring recipe (28 slot bag!) at Exalted.


This faction – found in the Townlong Steppes and another follow-up after the Golden Lotus – has a few good rogue items.  At Honored you can buy the blue quality Mark of the Dancing Crane for your finger slot or the Tough Mushanhide Leggings for your legs.  Once you hit revered you have access to the epic Blackguard Cape, Red Smoke Bandana for your head, and Hawkmaster’s Talon trinket (look at all that agility!).  Plus they have some enchanting recipes and mounts.



Here are the reputation items available for the various slots:

Note the general lack of daggers and swords.  Other than quest rewards, you’ll have to run instances to find those, or watch the auction house and be prepared to pay big-time gold for the few BoE weapons around.

There are an absolute ton of daily quests for these factions that open up at level 90.  Blizzard has removed the cap on the number of daily quests you can do each day, so be prepared to get to work.


D3 and WoW

On October 24, 2011, I made a post wondering if Diablo II would be the biggest threat to WoW.  Has that come to pass?

I think about when Rift came out and it was directly competing with WoW.  Our guild lost exactly one person to that game.  We had other guidies who tried it for a week, but they all came back to WoW.  Then SWTOR came out.  It made a little dent in our player count, but no one ever missed a raid night in WoW because they were busy with SWTOR.

Now that D3 is out, how are things looking in your guild?  Here’s a screenshot of my friends list on WoW on a Saturday evening, during what would normally have been a raid night…

On any given evening, my guild now has 3-5 people online, whereas we used to have 10-15 even on a slow night.

Of course, I can’t lay all of this on D3.  Its also a result of the long tail at the end of the expansion cycle, where we are all sick to death of Dragon Soul and looking for something else to do.  This is actually a fairly brilliant piece of timing by Blizzard.  Bored WoW players are playing D3, but due to they can still see which of their friends are online in WoW.  It keeps that connection to WoW so that we won’t forget about it.

For WoW players who didn’t buy D3,, though, it sucks to log in and see a nearly empty guild roster.  I think those players are the most likely to get disheartened and leave the game.

D3 is not a long-term game.  You can play through the whole story in a few days (or weeks if you’re very casual about it).  Then you can replay it as a different class, or go on to Nightmare and Hell modes.  I think that long-term playability isn’t there.  If Blizzard is as smart as I give them credit for, they will have the pre-MoP hype ratchet up as the D3 players dwindle.  Then bored D3 players will jump back to WoW for the pre-expansion world events and the class/talent updates in advance of the game release.

For that to happen, the final buildup to pandas needs to start up sometime this summer.  We’ll see…


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