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WoWInsider – End of an Era?

Having played World of Warcraft for a long time now (almost 9 years), I’ve seen the way the community has changed over the years.  WoWInsider was a HUGE influence on that.

When I started playing, game blogging was barely a thing.  There were a few communities – Elitist Jerks and the official forums and the like – but not much else.  You generally went to Thottbot for your information ad read the comment section.  Then there was an explosion of gaming blogs.  They became the go-to resource for all things gaming.  If you wanted to know something, from boss strategies to crafting to pvp, to class-specific information, there was a blog (or 10) for it.

Then along came WoWInsider.  And it was good.  Really good.  And the WoWHead.  It was good as well.  And from these, there became less need for gaming blogs.  Why scour the internet for information when it was almost certainly on WoWInsider or WoWHead?

As a blogger, I did resent them, somewhat.  I had become pretty involved in my rogue-related blogging, and the fact that WoWInsider’s rogue columns were just plain better than mine irked me a little.  It helped ease the sting when they linked to my blog and brought me thousands of views.  Still, it was soon after this that my blogging started to decrease.  In my mind I sometimes blamed them for stealing the thunder of WoW-bloggers, but in my heart I knew they were just excellent writers who were putting a lot of time and effort into their work.

Since then, WoWInsider has been my number one WoW resource.  I know that some people call them shills for Blizzard, but considering how much I love the game I’m not actively looking for WoW critics.

Seeing how they have been the dominant online presence (outside of the official forums) for WoW for years now, to me this marks another shift in gaming communication.  Is this because of the recent predominance of Twitter as a gaming community?  It it because there are fewer gamers?

I’m sad to see them go.

And I hope on Tuesday when their site closes they will make an announcement that they are setting up shop in some other part of the internet.


Long time, no see

dusty bookIt has been a long time since I logged into WordPress and looked at my blog.  Just over three months, actually.

I tried the Twitter thing (@DinaerRogue).  I don’t mind the format, although I am somewhat verbose for 140 characters.  My problem is that I don’t have an instinct to post my thoughts in a stream-of-consciousness manner.  Successful twitter streams have frequent updates of small amounts of information.  I’m just not mentally connected enough with Twitter.

I’m still playing the game regularly.  My guild is uber-casual.  We’re working through Flex difficulty as our main raid mode.  With flex we get to bring different people every week, which means a lot of re-learning and re-re-learning fights.  We still haven’t killed Garrosh as a guild.  We’ve got time.

I’ve been healing quite a bit on my druid.  One of our main healers announced that he is switching to his warlock in Warlords, so I may have to step in and heal full-time.  I enjoy it, so its not a big deal.  Even the announced WoD healing changes don’t turn me off.

With raid healing as my current focus, I’ve been working on the legendary cloak for my healer alt.  It’s slow going.  As we know, the  boosted 90s have made LFR a real chore.  I’m almost done, though.  Just four more Titan Runestones, and then I’ll be in the home stretch of quests.

I have six characters at level 90.  I don’t play most of them – I leveled them for their professions.  I made sure my engineer was at 90 to make the Sky Golem, and that my jewelcrafter was at 90 to make the jade panther mounts.  The only characters I currently play are my rogue (of course), my resto druid, and my paladin, who I am gearing as a backup tank even though I haven’t tanked since Cataclysm.

I am still working the glyph and gem markets.  I got back into goldmaking when I decided to craft my panther mounts.  I’m not hardcore – I’m making about 10k gold per week and that’s good enough.

With the first WoD Alpha patch notes released, I was inspired to come back to the blog and say something, at least on the rogue parts.  Check for that post coming up (if anyone is still out there).


What now?

I don’t mean in game.  I mean with this blog.  I’ve been running the blog since 2008.  My play has gone through many stages since then.  My current playstyle doesn’t give me a lot to talk about.

Starting in BC and then through Wrath and Cataclysm I stayed fairly well at the forefront of the game.  I wasn’t a hardcore raider, but I was very knowledgeable on the game in general and the rogue class in particular.  While I have never done heroic raid modes, I think I was informed enough to know how rogues would perform and I was qualified to give pretty good advice and recommendations on all aspects of rogue play.

Now I have gone full casual.  My raid team just last week downed Elegon on normal mode, and now we’re slowly learning Will of the Emperor.  By the time patch 5.2 comes with its new raid tier, I will only have seen 6 of the 16 bosses in the current tier.  I haven’t even done the other ten on LFR.

I could write a great post on how to maximize rogue dps on Elegon.  I do really well on that fight.  However, at this point in the expansion, is that post even needed?  Many rogues will be raiding Tier 15 next week.  I expect I won’t even take a peek in there for a month or more.  What can I offer in this blog that is useful to the rogue community?

The game has been so homogenized.  There is little in the PvE game that is unique to rogues.  Most melee classes are pretty similar in tactics and strategies, and that information is readily available on Icy Veins or Elitist Jerks.

With little to offer the rogues of WoW, I’m struggling to find a reason to post here.

What now?


Thanks a Million

Screenshot from the Stats page for my WordPress account management:

Last night it recorded my millionth page view.  (these are only direct page views, and not through feedreaders).

Thanks for tuning in!

P.S. – my wife thinks I’m stupid for not putting advertising on the site.


What’s Been and What’s Coming

The (recent) past:

I’ve been grinding along in game.  No new posts recently because nothing interesting has happened since the fun little questline early on the path to the legendary daggers.

For what its worth, I am just 1/3 of the way done with the Dragon Soul collection quest, Cluster Clutch.  Since this is the last raid in the expansion, and I expect interest in WoW to gradually wane as people get bored with this content, it seems reasonable to me that I will not have a shot at getting the legendary daggers.  I simply won’t be able to run DS enough to get through the two collection quests.  This is as I expected.  In general, casual raiding guilds just don’t kill enough bosses to get the legendaries.

I spend most of my time working on gold making.  I’m just about to hit 500,000 gold, which was my goal.  The gem market has bottomed out because people aren’t getting much new gear anymore.  As the lull between now and MoP stretches out, more people will play alts so I’ll always have the glyph market to rely on, but I don’t think I’ll be raking in the gold any more until we see pandas.

The (near) future:

My guild is 5/8 in DS on 10 man normal.  Blizzard announced that DS will be gradually nerfed, so we’ll get through the rest one way or another, either pre-nerf or post-nerf.  After that happens, it would not surprise me at all to see some of our long-time players drift away from the game.  Its sad, but its life.

This blog will probably continue the zombie-life that it has.  I made only 58 posts in 2011, and considering the new raids and such that really is not very many.  With the homogenizing of the game, there is very little rogue-specific information for me to convey.  Between the Dungeon Journal and LFR in game, there is less need than ever to tab out of the game and find information.  What information is needed is covered nicely by Elitist Jerks.

I’m keeping the blog alive so that it can return as a valued source of information when Mists of Pandaria hits.  I did the one-year commitment, so I’ll still be around.

Besides, I’d like to see the blog hit 1,000,000 pageviews (not counting feedreaders) and that will happen in another couple of months.


Dinaer casts Mass Resurrection on “Forever a Noob”

Its been over a month since I posted anything here.

Its not that I went away or stopped playing.  It was really two things…

  • Demands on my real-life time were so great that I barely had time to play the game, and never has a moment to write about it
  • I used to write some posts during down time at work, but my schedule this year has prevented that
  • There has been nothing compelling going on in the game that has me excited enough to write about

I’ve been playing the game about 3-4 nights a week (down from 6-7), mostly just logging on to raid, and then logging off after the raid had completed.  I was tired of the troll heroics and had nothing to gain by accumulating JP and VP.

My guild has continued to raid.  We just killed Ragnaros (10 man, normal) this week, which was a great achievement for us.  The guild has two raid groups going.  My group is moving on to Dragon Soul now, and the other is still finishing Firelands.  We didn’t manage to get the caster legendary staff from Firelands yet, but we’re going to continue working on it (we’ve never gotten a legendary while it was current content, so the fact that we’re close is exciting).

I won’t be playing SWTOR.  A lot of my guildies will, so my fingers are crossed that we don’t lose them.

The only non-raiding activity that was really keeping my interest was making gold.  I’ve had a glyph business since Wrath, but I have been slowly ramping up my JC/Enchanting activity.  I did a lot of work to prepare for patch 4.3, and I’ll probably pull in almost 100k in the span of the week following the patch.  I’m at over 300k gold now.  Go for a million?  Probably not, unless the next expansion offers some exciting new markets.

Patch 4.3 has brought new attention on rogues due to the presence of the Rogue legendary daggers available in Dragon Soul.  A lot of people have rolled rogues lately, so there are a lot of new backstabbers trying to learn the craft.  Also, there are a lot of experienced rogues aiming for those daggers.  Those are the issues which have brought me back to the blog.  I’ll try to post more… at least during the lull in school/band/little league baseball seasons while I have some free time.



What are the oldest WoW blogs left around?

We’ve seen a wave of notable WoW bloggers hanging up their keyboards lately.  It got me to thinking – how many old WoW blogs are still left around?

Playing WoW in the early days was quite a different experience than it is now.  There were not countless online information sources for you to browse through to learn every little detail about the game.  Your information came from Thottbot, or maybe Allakazam.  Wowhead came much later.  There were almost no YouTube videos.  There was no accessible Elitist Jerks forum.  If you wanted to learn about your class or a raid boss, your best bet was to read blogs.

WoWInsider goes back to November of 2005, so its the grandfather of WoW blogs.  However, none of the original authors are still with them.  Their structure makes it so they can be continuous even with frequent writer turnover.  Tobold goes back even farther but his blog is not just a WoW blog.  There was a huge surge in the number of personal WoW blogs in 2007, which is when I discovered the expansive depth of the WoW blogosphere.

I remember the first few blogs I encountered and read by in my early days of WoW – Resto4Life, Parry! Dodge! Spin!, BigRedKitty, and Frostbolt.  All  of those have long since shut down.  However, Frostbolt is still viewable, even though it is not being updated.  I started my historical research project there – looking through antiquated evidence on the corpses of dead blogs.  I decided to check out Frostbolt’s blogroll.  It is still listing the blogs that he read back in those days.

I went down his list of blogs, and the only two that were listed there that are still posting now are Kinless’ Chronicles and Gray Matter.  Kinless has switched to Rift.  Does that mean that Gray Matter is the oldest from the wave of early WoW blogs?  His archives go back to September 2007.

On a hunch I went to check Big Bear Butt.  I know I’ve been reading his stuff for a long while.  His archives go back to August 2007, so he started just before Gray Matter.  Maybe his is the oldest personal WoW blog still running.

Looking further, I found that one of my favorite bits of WoW entertainment, Need More Rage, has posts going to July 2007.  Could this be the oldest active WoW blog?

Nope.  Checking around some more, I found that Mania’s Arcania has posts going back to April 2007.  Mystic Chicanery has posts from February 2007.  Leafshine goes back even farther – to January 2007.

Kaliope’s WoW Crafting Blog goes all the way to November 2006.  I remember reading that blog when I first disocovered online WoW research tools.  I was kind of surprised to see it still up and running.  I know that WoWHead has satisfied all of my crafting research needs.  Its neat that she has kept her niche in the online community.

After lots of browsing around, the longest-running personal WoW blog that I could find is Blessing of Kings.  Coriel started the blog in December 2005 and has continued to post regularly until now.  That’s a pretty amazing feat of longevity, especially when you consider that the focus and high level of content has not diminished in all that time.

Have I missed any?  Are there any that have been around longer than Blessing of Kings?


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