View From the Horde side

I have been an alliance player almost exclusively since vanilla. My guild is alliance, and so there was never a compelling reason to play horde. I’ve started a couple of horde characters, but never played them to the level cap.

In the Demon Invasion event preceding Legion, I used the big XP from the invasion events to level a Tauren shaman to 100. I didn’t do anything with him other than the invasions, but he reached the level cap, which was an accomplishment.

I have a few friends that have come back to WoW, but they are playing horde. Since my guild isn’t doing anything these days, I decided to jump onto the Horde side of things. I played quickly through the main storylines in the four main zones and reached 110 in two weeks of sporadic playtime.

I was a little let down when I saw that the storylines were almost exactly the same on the Horde side. There were a couple of divergences – a couple of flight paths that are Horde-only, a couple of specifically Horde quest-givers. But for the most part everything was identical.

That was disappointing to me. In vanilla and earlier expansions, playing Horde gave you a whole different side of the story than playing Alliance. I wonder if this is one of those details that Blizzard has lost along the way in order to streamline game production.

Anyway, now I may actually have some friends online to run with. That will be a welcome change.

Now I just have to figure out how to dps with an elemental shaman. Or I need to level my restoration artifact.

1 Response to “View From the Horde side”

  1. 1 nostalgeek
    December 3, 2017 at 12:52 am

    That’s disappointing indeed. I’m actually leveling a Frosaken right now to see the Horde side of things too because I haven’t played one since end of Wrath.
    It’s not completely unexpected because this expac is a not really focused at all on the factions (except Stormheim) like MoP was but I hope BfA brings this back.

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