Leatherworking Mount Quest

I got to the point in Leatherworking where I was given the quest “Mounting Made Easy”. In this, you have to put a leash on a wild Great Northern Elderhorn and follow it as it runs throughout Stormheim.

First – the quest itself takes a long time. Even if you were to nail it on the first attempt (a near impossibility) it would run 10-15 minutes of chasing this thing. With failures and restarts, it took me about 45 minutes total. I did not watch any videos or guides before doing it.

It is challenging. It is also a bit too long. It was fun at first, but then it got a bit frustrating. If it had been about half the length it was, then the annoying aspects would have been offset by the joy of accomplishment upon finishing.

The quest is clearly not meant to be done on the first try. There are times that the Elderhorn makes jumps that the player cannot possibly make – leaping up onto a rock or jumping across a chasm. In these cases, the player is bound to fail the first time. Good players will then explore and try and find solutions before trying again. Lazy players will complain.

(As an aside, this has caused no end of whining on official and unofficial WoW forums. The tears of entitlement pouring from those pages could fill an ocean.)

Three things that I found were extremely helpful:

  1. Fighter Chow. You will get attacked while you run, and you will sometimes take fall damage. Obviously, if you die then you fail. Fighter Chow increases your out-of-combat regeneration rate.
  2. Class Order Hall armor set two-piece bonus. This also increases your out-of-combat regeneration.
  3. Stonehide Leather Barding. This is made by leatherworkers, and keeps you from being dismounted while riding.

There are a couple of tricky moments in the run. Fortunately, when you fail you don’t have to start from the beginning. There are checkpoints along the way. After a failure, look on your map for the location of the quest and you’ll get to restart there.

  • Tricky moment #1 – the waterfall. There are four jumps down the water fall. On the last, the Elderhorn jumps way up in the air before coming back down. You can’t jump that high. So if you jump at the same time as the Elderhorn, you’ll reach the ground long before it does and the leash will break. Wait a moment after it jumps before you jump.
  • Tricky moment #2 – After you jump down some rocks to the river near Cullens Post, going back uphill from there is tricky. The Elderhorn will run around the right side of the path and then make a sudden jump. You can’t make that jump, so if you follow it you will fail here. As the Elderhorn runs around he right side of the path, you go up the path staying as close to it as possible. When it jumps up you’ll be there waiting.
  • Tricky moment #3 -Hellmouth Shallows. The Elderhorn will zig zag in and out of the islands. You will end up with a small army of Vyrkul chasing you and attacking you. It is very possible for you to die here. You’ll have to maneuver to try and avoid as many attacks as possible without getting too far from your Elderhorn.

After running around Hellmouth Shallows there comes a point when the Elderhorn jumps to the top of a tall rock. I panicked there and ran around the rock and broke the leash. Don’t do that! This is the end of the quest. Just get close enough to the rock for the quest to complete.


4 Responses to “Leatherworking Mount Quest”

  1. 1 Drakul
    October 31, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    Funny, I just did it this morning. The waterfall part really annoyed me until I got that you should wait a while on the 4th jump. I’m pretty sure you posted this on wowhead as well but anyway grats! Now we just have to raise our skill to 800 to even use the recipe 😛

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