Woefully Behind

I still think of my rogue as my main, even though I have not had a chance to play him much.

With the new patch coming out today, I look at where I stand. My rogue still has not even entered Suramar, and so has not done any World Quests and is still not geared enough to even run heroic dungeons. This is because I’ve been playing that character alongside my wife, and she doesn’t have much playing time at this time of the year.

So I won’t be going into Karazhan or the Trial of Valor raid on my rogue “main” any time soon.

I do have another max level character – my Arcane Mage. He has finished most of his Order Hall questline and is at Artifact Knowledge level 8. He has item level 845 and has run some heroics (but not mythics). Still haven’t killed Xavius, even on LFR, but that’s just been due to time constraints.

I could run raids, mythics, and Karazhan on my mage, but I’m still not really comfortable with the Arcane Mage rotation in raids. I run out of mana too quickly and haven’t mastered the conserve/spend routine. In many fights I do big damage early in the fight, and then fade as my mana dwindles and Evocation is on cooldown. We’ll see what today’s class balancing brings.

So that’s it. I’m not complaining that the content is coming too fast. This is purely a result of my current play schedule.


1 Response to “Woefully Behind”

  1. 1 Drakul
    October 31, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    Same here more or less. I started maining my priest but decided to switch to my rogue (Assass) because I like it much better and I feel I suck at priest. My rogue hasn’t finished the hall campaign, hasn’t started the Illidan chain and just today started pushing through Suramar so I’m way behind.
    My priest is still not exalted with Nightfallen, I’ve only done EN LFR and not killed Xavius either.
    This expac is really nice in that there’s lots to do but it’s definitely ‘main’ friendly.

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