Fishing Raid

I’ve always been a fishing enthusiast in WoW. I won the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza back in the day. I get almost every fishing achievement (still haven’t caught the fish in Ironforge or Orgrimmar or the rat in Dalaran).

So, looking for something to do in game while semi-afk, I decided to check out fishing in Legion.

I found that there is a guy (Conjurer Margoss) who sells a pet and mount, but you have to grind reputation with him. the only way to get rep is to fish up Drowned Mana in the pool on his floating island near Dalaran. (you get there by gliding off Dalaran near the pet battle, or by fishing up a special item in the Dalaran sewers)

Problem is, the drop rate for Drowned Mana is fairly low, and you need nearly a thousand of them to get your rep up.

However, every so often you’ll fish up an item that allows you to summon a rare creature in the fishing pond. Kill him, and for the next two minutes you will get 1-2 Drowned Mana on every cast.

Doing this yourself is very slow, since the Emblems only come up once in a long while. Enter the fishing raid.

Through the group finder, I got into a raid group with 30-40 people fishing at Conjurer Margoss’ pool. With that many people fishing, it takes very little time for someone to fish up one of the Emblems and summon the monster. There is nearly 100% uptime on the buff that causes you to get Drowned Mana on every cast. Thus, you can get your reputation up much more quickly.

Its still a bit of a slog, but that’s always been the case with fishing.

Conjurer Margoss also sells Arcane Bait, which will be useful when pursuing the artifact fishing pole.


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