Feeling overwhelmed

I’ve mostly been playing my mage alt (although if that’s the class I play most, then isn’t that sort of not an alt?). He’s at 110 and is working through the Suramar storyline.

When I hit 110, I prioritized (1) crafting quests, (2) Mage Order Hall story quests, (3) Suramar quests, (4) World Quests. As a result of that prioritization, I have barely touched World Quests. I’ve been at 110 for 4 days or so and I think I’ve done two World Quests.

The sheer number of them on the map is intimidating. I look and realize what a huge time commitment it would be to try and do even a good fraction of them. And then I do something else.

Now, in my Mage Order Hall storyline, I have gotten to a point that requires me to complete 30 World Quests. Bleh. I feel like my progress is going to grind to a halt while I slog through these.

I keep hearing from people that the World Quests are a highlight of the expansion. I don’t have enough experience to judge, but they look to me to mostly be “kill a bunch of these things” or “kill this one guy that you can’t solo”. Maybe I’m wrong. Time will tell. I should be able to dig into the world quests this weekend, since I’m not yet able to do much else – not high enough item level for heroics and certainly not ready to raid yet.

On the other hand, I love the storyline quests in every zone. I get so wrapped up in reading the quest text and following along that I don’t want to stop to do other in-game activities.


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