Now I’ll see if Legion holds up to repetition

When I jumped into Legion at release, my plan was to try playing a bunch of alts simultaneously. The reason for this was the artifact weapons and the lore. I haven’t completely followed through with all of the classes (yet), but I have spent at least some playing Legion content on 5 characters – rogue, druid, priest, monk, and mage.

After two weeks, I still don’t have a max level character. The mage is 108 and the rogue is 106. The other three are 101 or 102.

However, I have now seen all of the leveling zones. My rogue has done Val’sharah and Stormheim. My mage has completed Azsuna and Highmountain. So now, from this point forward everything up to Suramar is going to be repetition. Will it hold up? Will it still be fun? What are the annoying quests that I will hate doing over again?

Not to be “that guy” but leveling makes me nostalgic for vanilla WoW. Not the obscure quest objectives or the “kill 10 boars” part of it, but the pace. I fondly remember how leveling was a milestone, and a zone took more than an hour or two to complete. I recall that reaching max level was a distant goal that beckoned, and reaching it was something to be proud of. I remember “ding!” in guild chat.

Today, with 110 levels to work through, such a structure could never hold up. Plus, there is a lot of emphasis on endgame by a large part of the population.

But still, the fact that I have seen all of the leveling content in two weeks after launch is a little sad.


1 Response to “Now I’ll see if Legion holds up to repetition”

  1. 1 Drakul
    September 25, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    I agree that in a lot of of ways Legion feels like Vanilla (which I love). i don’t use bodyguards and often on my Shadow Priest if I pull more than 2 mobs I’m likely dead. I also did the Herbs quest that had me talk to people in Sholazar, Un’Goro and Gorgrond; not since BC have we had to travel the world like that just to do and quest. And I love it.

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