Do we need a guild web site anymore?

At one time, I thought that the silence in my guild chat was just a symptom of a dysfunctional/dying guild. Now, though, I hear that this is fairly characteristic of a lot of guilds around the game. Guilds serve almost no purpose now for casual players. The default method of running dungeons is through LFG, and the default way for running raids in LFR. No need to talk to your guildies. The only time guilds are necessary is for organized raiding and Mythic dungeons. Even for those, you can use the Group Finder tool in game or a service like OpenRaid and avoid restrictive guild ties.

In the long tail of Warlords, I allowed my guild web site subscription to lapse. No one was using it – hardly anyone in the guild was even playing actively. Now that Legion has gone live I thought I would reactivate it. But to what end? I have no immediate plans to start recruiting, and it is not clear that we need it for any communication if we have no plans to raid. I can’t see any reason that people would use the web site.

So, the silence in guild chat continues…


1 Response to “Do we need a guild web site anymore?”

  1. September 8, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    I dropped my guild’s website too, just have the URL redirect to our Armory profile…

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