What are my goals in Legion?

I have never been a speed leveler. I remember even back in the early days of Wrath, some of my guildmates were starting to find groups to run Naxxramas and I was still meandering my way through the Dragon Wastes.

You’re only going to get one opportunity to experience the story for the first time. I read every quest, watch the cut scenes, and explore the zones.

What am I missing out on?

Well, gold making, for one. I am a pretty dedicated gold maker – not a “goblin” as some people say, but I do pretty well.

At the start of the expansion there are HUGE profit opportunities. Lots of quests require specific herbs, ores, or other crafting materials. That auction house market is tremendously inflated. Those who run through the content to level 110 can start farming those things and making boatloads of gold. I’ve heard of people raking in hundreds of thousands of gold in the first week.

As much as I like my gold, I’m sure I’ll still find profitable opportunities later.

I can’t think of anything else. Raids aren’t available yet. There are regular and heroic dungeons, but I’ve heard that the Group Finder is really really slow for dps right now, and you need a premade group for mythics. I don’t think that’s a big loss for the time being.

This brings up a big question – what are my end goals this expansion? What do I hope to do when I eventually reach the level cap?

In every expansion since Wrath, the answer was that I would raid with my guild, of course. In Legion, that is not a foregone conclusion. It is not clear that my guild will be able to support a raid group. On top of that, it is also not clear that I will be able to dedicate the time to raiding on a schedule.

My goals are (in priority order):

  1. Play with my family. I have 5 immediate family members who are playing, plus myself. I hope that we can run dungeons together, do the Karazhan “mini-raid” dungeon when it comes in Patch 7.1, and maybe do some LFR together.
  2. Make gold. I usually do this by crafting. It looks like crafting will be gated by level, and opportunities are limited if you’re not level 110. That means I will have to get at least 3-4 alts up to level 110.
  3. Explore. I always place a priority on getting the reputation and exploration achievements. It seems like Legion steers you in that direction, anyway.
  4. Raid, eventually. I would love to raid with my guild. If most of my family raids, that gives us 5-6. I know of at least 2-3 more in the guild that probably would raid. Depending on how long this xpac holds the attention of everyone else, we might be able to field a group eventually. Definitely not before October or November, though.
  5. Master my rogue. There was once a time when I tried really hard to be a good PVE rogue, if not a great one. I competed against myself to max out my performance. I studied theorycrafting. In the last couple of expansions I have let that slide as I have played the game much more casually. (this coincides with the decline in my blogging) It would be nice to refocus on that.
  6. Perks – the extra things that Blizzard offers for us to do, like Challenge Modes and Mythic Dungeons. I have never tried these. In January or so, I’ll take a look at where I am and where my friends are and see if something like this is viable.



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