Legion – Intro quests (rogue, monk)

Last night I did the assassination rogue and windwalker monk intro quests up to and including getting artifact weapons.

Windwalker Monk

First, I had a lot of trouble making a decision on spec for the monk. I leveled my monk as a healer. I hope to continue healing with him in Legion. However, I wasn’t sure if I could easily level as a healer. So when the time came, I chose the DPS spec for my artifact. I’m not planning to raid with him, so being a little behind on Artifact Power when I get the healer artifact won’t be a big problem. It just means I shouldn’t do any dungeon healing until hitting level 102.

As far as the questlines, I give them a “meh”. They were basically all running around killing trash. I liked visiting the Vortex Pinnacle, but it wasn’t as iconic a dungeon as some others in my memories. I did find the fights to be pretty hard, but part of that is that I rarely dps on my monk and I am probably terrible. I was doing 25k dps, but I would have died repeatedly if there wasn’t an NPC healing me throughout. The weapon is interesting, but not as cool as some others.


Assassination Rogue

This was so great.

Yes, I play a rogue as my main, so I admit I might be biased. But it was different from the other questlines so far. Rather than just killing things, it actually made use of stealth and pickpocketing. It was reminiscent of a light version of the Fangs of the Father legendary quest from back in Cataclysm.

Even the very first intro was cool, with the council and the assassinations and the surprise visitor. Running around with Garona. Avoiding the Stormwind guards. Decoding secret messages. It was all very rogue-ish. Plus the weapons – Garona’s daggers – had a strong connection to familiar WoW lore.  I felt to me like a lot more love went into this than into the windwalker monk or shadow priest artifact quests.

10/10, would play again. Fortunately, I have another level 100 rogue, so I will.


2 Responses to “Legion – Intro quests (rogue, monk)”

  1. 1 Drakul
    September 24, 2016 at 12:49 am

    I’m very curious how you’ll feel about Sub and Assass. I’ve always played sub on my rogues but I haven’t touched it yet this expac and I’m not sure how Sub feels. I debated switching to Assassination instead.

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