Legion Prepatch Day 2

Without the Garrison, am I  going to earn gold to support my WoW tokens?

Well, it’s crafting to the rescue (for now).

In two days I have sold about 5000-6000g worth of shirts for people seeking the Fabulous title. I have sold about 40,000-50,000g worth of Tomes of Illusion. That’s one month of game time in two days. I’ll take that.

I expect the sales will likely go up this weekend, then trail off as the people finish their wardrobe achievements.

Last night, to get the recipe for the Tome of Illusion: Elemental Lords, I had to go do a quest for Therazane in Deepholm. She sent me to kill Ozumat in Throne of Tides, Al’akir in Throne of the Four Winds, and Ragnaros in Firelands. It has been a long time since I have been in those places.

The worst was travel time, particularly to Throne of Tides. For some reason the port to Vashj’ir from Stormwind wouldn’t work. So I had to fly there, then swim across the zone. It took me quite a while.

Having run those, it led me to my planned activity for the upcoming weekend – running old raids for disenchanting mats. The materials needed for the Tomes of Illusion have spiked in price. Shards are selling on the auction house for 350g each or more.

For those who don’t like crafting, you can make serious gold right now selling the raw enchanting mats on the auction house. Primals, volatiles, and shards are in high demand.


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