Paying for WoW

As I said in yesterday’s post, starting this summer there will be four members of my family playing WoW together.

While this is fun, it also comes with the burden of paying for four subscriptions.  I am not excited about paying $60 per month for a game.

I haven’t paid a dime for WoW since they introduced the WoW Token.  Just with Garrisons and a little AH work I am able to bring in about 60k-70k gold per month, which easily pays for my monthly token.

My new question – can I increase my revenue in order to cover Tokens for two monthly subscriptions?  Three?  All four?

I think I’ll be going into Legion with the goal of being a full-time gold maker.  Without the Garrison income, this will be through professions and playing the Auction House.  Can I bring in about 200k gold per month?  Will there be any convenient gold-making strategies in the Legion economy?  Time will tell.

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