Beta Day 2

Finally got a chance to check back in on the beta.

I made it through the intro scenario.  Success!  It was interesting – mostly a zergfest of continuous combat.  As I was running at about 3 fps, and also hadn’t hotkeyed all of my abilities, I didn’t do a whole lot of damage and I died a lot.  Broke all my armor, in fact, before the end of the scenario.  I’m looking forward to seeing this scenario again when the game is live so I am on my own character and I have a better computer.

I made it as far as finding my way to my Class Hall.  I won’t spoil it, but it was neat.  I have the quest to get my artifact weapon.  Then… bugs. The NPC I have to kill to advance the questline is missing.  So I am at a standstill until it is fixed.

All in all, doing some fresh questing was a welcome change from standing in my garrison.

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