I’d Like To, But…

Its not that I don’t want to play.  I’m still enjoying the game.  I’m not burnt out.  I’ve been leveling alts.


  • the kids have baseball and band
  • my job has become very demanding
  • I make a full dinner for the family every night
  • it’s baseball season

Once upon a time I would have scheduled those things around WoW.  Now, I fit in WoW whenever I have a break in those things, which is rarely.

The only thing I really have left on my WoD bucket list is to get the Moose.  My item level is 710, so I’m reasonably sure I can get into a raid.  But its been so long since I have raided, even on LFR, that I don’t remember any fight mechanics and I expect I’d be kicked after a wipe or two.

1 Response to “I’d Like To, But…”

  1. April 11, 2016 at 9:27 am

    You should check out Friendship moose, it might help you and members of your guild get that Moose on your own time.

    http://friendshipmoose.com or on Twitter #Friendshipmoose

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