Rogue Talents Datamined – Subtlety

Disclaimer: datamining is unreliable.  Nothing here is certain to make it live.

Disclaimer: these talents, even datamined, may not be in their right place in the talent tree.

First, it must be said that Subtlety Rogues have new baseline abilities.  This is important to set out first because many of the talents modify them.

Shadowstrike – Appear behind your target and attack.  Awards two combo points.  This will replace Ambush and Shadowstep.  Requires stealth.

Shuriken Toss – Formerly a talent, now a Subtlety baseline attack from range. Awards one combo point.

Nightblade – melee finishing move that does Shadow damage and reduces movement speed by 50%

Now that that is out of the way, let look at what the dataminers have found in the Legion beta files.

Subtlety Talents:

With the removal of Honor Among Thieves, the combo point generation will be very different for Sub rogues.  The new baseline ability Shadow Techniques gives a chance to proc combo points from autoattacks.  That will replace HoT.

Eleven out of twenty-one of our old talents have been removed for Outlaw spec.  Here are the new talents that replace them:

New Talents

  • Master of Subtlety – its back!  Attacks made from stealth and for 10 seconds after cause 10% additional damage.
  • Weaponmaster – Your attacks have a chance to hit the target twice each tie they deal damage
  • Gloomblade – basic attack, replaces Backstab.  Does shadow damage, awards one combo point.  No positional preference.

One interesting aspect of Subtlety rogues is how much of their damage is being shifted from physical to shadow.  If they use the Gloomblade talent and also use Nightblade as the finisher, then only their autoattacks are doing physical damage.

  • Deeper Strategem – can gain up to 6 combo points, and finishers can use up to 6 combo points
  • Acrobatic Strikes – increases the range of your melee attacks by 3 yards
  • Into the Fray – increases your movement speed at all times by 15%
  • Deeper Strategem – you may now have up to 6 combo points and finishing moves can cosume up to 6 combo points
  • Vigor – increases maximum energy by 50 and base energy regeneration rate by 10%
  • Soothing Darkness – Heal 3% of your life every second while you stay in stealth
  • Strike From the Shadows – Your Shadowstrikes also stun the target for 2 seconds.

Strike From the Shadows is interesting.  It turns Shadowstrike into a combination of Shadowstep, Ambush, and Cheap Shot all in one.

  • Tangled Shadow – Nightblade now reduces target movement speed by an additional 20%
  • Premeditation – Cheap Shot and Shadowstrike generate 1 additional combo point
  • Alacrity – Finishing moves have a 20% chance per combo point to grant 1% haste for 20 seconds.  Stacks up to 25 times.
  • Expanded Technique – your combo point generators now have a chance to trigger Shadow Techniques

Expanded Technique should just be built into a baseline ability.  Otherwise it is dull.

  • Relentless Strikes – you gain an additional 40 energy when you enter stealth

Also, rogues gain a baseline ability called Master of Shadows at level 54 that provides 60 energy when you enter stealth.  Thus, if Relentless Strike is chosen as a talent you would get 100 energy.

I can’t really get a mental feel for this spec.changes to this spec.  It clearly intends for you to jump in and out of stealth as often as possible, which is interesting.  Not sure about the interplay of all the talents and new abilities.  I’ll be sure to try it if I get into the beta.


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