Rogue Talents Datamined – Outlaw

Disclaimer: datamining is unreliable.  Nothing here is certain to make it live.

Disclaimer: these talents, even datamined, may not be in their right place in the talent tree.

First, it must be said that Outlaw Rogues have several new baseline abilities.  This is important to set out first because many of the talents modify them.

Saber Slash – grants 1 combo point, has a 35% chance to strike an additional time, giving another cobo point and making your next Pistol Shot free.

Pistol Shot – Draw a pistol and fire a shot at your opponent.  Gives 1 combo point and reduces the target’s movement speed.

Run Through – melee finishing move

Between the Eyes – Pistol finishing move, 20 yard range

Now that that is out of the way, let look at what the dataminers have found in the Legion beta files.

Outlaw Talents:

Wow!  Fourteen out of twenty-one of our old talents have been removed for Outlaw spec.  Here are the new talents that replace them:

New Talents

  • Ghostly Strike – basic attack with your cursed weapon, awards 1 combo point, causes target to take 10% increased damage from your abilities for 15 seconds
  • Swordmaster – Saber Slash has an additional 15% chance to proc an additional free Saber Slash
  • Quick Draw – Free uses of Pistol Shot granted by Saber Slash now generate 1 combo point and do 50% more damage

Outlaw rogues will have to choose a preferred attack rotation.  Are you strictly sword/melee?  Then Saber Slash + swordmaster sounds good.  Want to weave in pistols?  Go with Saber Slash and Quick Draw.  Want to be a more ninja style?  Then Ghostly Strike can replace Saber Slash as your combo point generator.

  • Grappling Hook – pull yourself to your target
  • Acrobatic Strikes – increases the range of your melee attacks by 3 yards
  • Into the Fray – increases your movement speed at all times by 15%
  • Deeper Strategem – you may now have up to 6 combo points and finishing moves can cosume up to 6 combo points
  • Vigor – increases maximum energy by 50 and base energy regeneration rate by 10%
  • Iron Stomach – increases your healing from health potions, healthstones, and Crimson Vial by 30%
  • Parley – pacifies the target, who is forced to negotiate instead of fighting for 60 seconds.  Only works on humanoids, dragonkin, and demons.  Breaks on damage.

Parley sounds neat, and clearly invokes the Johnny Depp character from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  That said, I predict that no one will take this talent and it doesn’t make it to live.

  • Cannonball Barrage – Command a ghost ship crew to barrage an area with cannonballs, doing damage over 8 seconds and slowing enemies
  • Alacrity – Finishing moves have a 20% chance per combo point to grant 1% haste for 20 seconds.  Stacks up to 25 times.

I don’t get the Alacrity as written.  If it only lasts 20 seconds, there is no way to stack it 25 times, unless each new application also extends the duration of previous applications.  If that is the case, then as long as you use a 5-point finisher once every 20 seconds, you will eventually have +25% haste.

  • Killing Spree – no longer a baseline ability, now a talent (gasp!).

I think that moving Killing Spree to a talent is a good idea.  Lots of rogues get frustrated when the mechanics of a fight prevent the use of Killing Spree, or make it buggy.  This way you can spec out of it for those fights.

  • Roll the Bones – a finishing move that provides a random combat enhancement.  Number of combo points determine the duration.

We know that, as much fun as an ability looks, players typically hate randomness.  Theorycrafters won’t be able to accurately assess the strength of this talent since it has random effects.  Therefore, I predict that no raiders choose this talent and it doesn’t make it to live in this form.

BIG changes to this spec.  It looks fun, but it also seems like it will have a lot of tweaking before it is finished.


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