Rogue redesign in Legion

I’m not sure how long it would take me to get used to not using poisons.  I’ve used them since vanilla, going back to when we had to craft them ourselves.  They are second nature to me.  Fortunately, I typically play an Assassination rogue, and they are keeping poisons.

Here’s the quick recap:

Assassination rogues

No huge changes for assassination rogues.  No word in today’s preview about AoE.

  • Still use poisons
  • Still use rupture, garrote, mutilate, envenom
  • Seal Fate can now proc off of each hand with mutilate.  That means that  a single mutilate could potentially award 4 combo points on a double-crit
  • Venomous Wounds gives energy
  • Mastery increases poison damage

Combat Outlaw Rogue

The spec has been renamed and redesigned to embody more of a bandit/swashbuckler/pirate type.  Seems like it will play similarly to how combat plays now, but with a couple of neat new attacks.

  • Stealth de-emphasized.  Ambush is the only opener.
  • No poisons.
  • Still uses Slice and Dice, Combat Potency, Ruthlessness, Adrenaline Rush, Blade Flurry
  • Saber Slash replaces Sinister Strike.  35% chance to proc an additional attack, ad an extra combo point, and make the next Pistol Shot free
  • Pistol Shot – draw a concealed pistol. 20 yard range, slows movement.
  • Lunge Through = finisher
  • Mastery = Main Gauche

Subtlety Rogue

Emphasizing stealth.  Multiple ways of returning to stealth during a fight to re-open.  No poisons, but now can apply shadow DoT.

  • No poisons.
  • Shadowstrike – opener combines Shadowstep and Ambush.  Teleport and attack from behind.
  • Backstab no longer requires you to be behind the target, but grants a 30% damage bonus if you are.
  • Nightblade = finisher that deals damage and applies a shadow DoT
  • Still has Eviscerate as finisher, also
  • Shadow Dance – on a finisher, 20% chance per combo point to activate stealth for 3 seconds.  Creates a decoy of you to confuse enemies. Works differently in PvP.
  • Shadow Techniques – autoattacks can generate combo points (probably replaces Honor Among Thieves)
  • Mastery = Executioner, increases damage by finishers


Even though Combat was renamed and re-themed, it looks like Subtlety got the most changes.  Still, reading the forums indicates that people are pretty excited about the Outlaw spec.  We’ll see how all this evolves as Legion approaches and when we see all of this in beta.


1 Response to “Rogue redesign in Legion”

  1. 1 Atheren
    November 13, 2015 at 10:28 am

    Just when I finally get the hang of playing my combat rogue and using stealth effectively, they make it less useful. Luckily I also have an Assassination rogue so I can continue that play style.

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