Gamescom… will they or won’t they?

I think that the WoW community is on edge.  We’ve been told the disappointing news that there will be no more raid tiers in this expansion.  So we’re mostly done with content after only eight months.

The hope is that this is part of Blizzard’s intended change to a faster expansion release schedule.  Those who haven’t already quit in a huff are expecting a quick turnaround.

I think Gamescom has to be it.

Everyone is expecting Blizzard to announce the next expansion at Blizzcon in November, as usual.  Knowing that the expansion timeline has to go Announcement -> Beta -> Release, if they announce it in November then we’d be looking at a summer 2016 release, which means we would be stuck with our current meager content for a year or more.  This could be disastrous for the game.

A move that could save the game would be to announce the expansion at Gamescom in early August.  If they do that, then we could see a release as early as March or so.  Then we’d be playing current content for 8-ish months.  We’d have only 16 months between expansion releases.  That’s a little more tolerable.  Still not ideal, but a step in the right direction.

So pay close attention at Gamescom in two weeks.  If there’s no announcement from Blizzard, then I think we’re in for a long, tough wait.


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