My gaming so far

I really binged on WoW over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I played essentially all day Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I feel like I’m back in Burning Crusade, when I would arrange my whole life schedule around my WoW time.  That wasn’t healthy for me then, so I may have to rein it in soon.

Here’s what I’m at so far:

My resto/balance druid is at level 100, doing Nagrand quests.  I’ve run some normal instances as a healer and those have been fun.  I should be into heroics by this weekend.  Resto seems strong.  Moonkin dps seems better (easier) in WoD than it did in Mists.  It still suffers from super slow cast times, which I don’t like. It has good burst if you pop cooldowns, so I’ve had no trouble handing the rare spawn mobs around the world.  I have trouble keeping dps up in groups because things die too fast and my spells don’t have time to cast.

My rogue (still my main!) is at level 96.  I’m leveling with my wife and she doesn’t play as much as I do.  So far I’m still wearing almost all of my raid gear from Mists.  There is nothing I’ve encountered while leveling that I can’t just burn down.  I have yet to run any instances with him so I don’t know how well rogue dps is comparing these days.  I know that I can maintain 8-12k unbuffed when soloing, and that seems comparable to what I see people doing in dungeons.

The biggest change was the combo points staying on us, but we’ve had that since the pre-expansion patch so that doesn’t feel new.  The biggest NEW change is the Enhanced Slice and Dice perk, when SnD becomes passive.  That feels weird.  I still hit my SnD keybind at the start of fights out of years of muscle memory.  I need to switch that keybind to something useful.

I have leveled my arcane mage and my shadow priest a bit.  The arcane mage feels too squishy.  With no self-heals I die a lot to even weak mobs.  I need to kill them before they reach me or I’m in trouble.  The shadow priest is fun, as always.

I have four garrisons that I am juggling.  I timed my daily “chores” and it takes almost 40 minutes for me to complete and refresh my follower missions, collect my ore and herbs, get work orders going, and do my daily crafting cooldown on four characters.

  • My druid’s garrison is level 3 and has a lumber mill, forge, enchanter’s hut, and dwarven bunker.
  • The rogue’s garrison is level 2 and has a barracks, tannery, barn, and enchanter’s hut.
  • My mage’s garrison is level 2 and has a barracks, scribe’s quarters, and trading post
  • The priest’s garrison is level 1 and has a barracks and a tailoring emporium.

My guild isn’t going to start raiding in the first week.  We don’t have enough people geared up yet.  We may start in the 2nd week.  As always, we’re not in a rush.  We’re not competing with anyone.


1 Response to “My gaming so far”

  1. December 2, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    glad to see youre back.

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