Slow and Steady. And Garrisons.

As of this writing, we are 5 days into the expansion.  Well, not really since the first two days were mostly lost to long queues and DDoS attacks.  I haven’t had a queue since Saturday, so I’ve had about three days to get into WoD.

In my guild there are now 4 people at level 100.  There are some people out there who already have multiple level 100 characters.

For me, I don’t have anyone over level 92 yet.

My wife is playing again, and she and I are going to level our mains together.  That means I can only play my rogue when she is available, and she has a lot less free time than me.  So my main has mostly been limited to one long WoW session on Saturday where we played through the first half or so of Shadowmoon Valley and got to level 92.

Since I can’t level my main, I’ve decided to try another approach.  I’m essentially a garrison juggler.  I leveled four different characters up to level 91-92.  I now have four garrisons I am running.  That can keep me pretty busy.  Four sets of missions to manage.  Between the four garrisons, there is a Tannery, a Barn, a Lumber Mill, two Enchanter’s Studies, a Scribe’s Quarters, a Forge, and a Tailoring Emporium.  Plus two Mines.  I can completely fill my gaming time by just jumping from one toon to the next, doing missions and gathering the materials to submit work orders.  I plan to get a fifth garrison going this week.

Yes, I am missing out on some of the dungeons that my guildies are running.  I’ll catch up on my druid and get into that by this weekend.  However, garrisons are keeping me plenty busy right now.


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