The Worst Part About A New Expansion…

To me, the worst part about a new expansion is how ridiculously easy it is if you go into it wearing raid gear.

I know that they have to make the content accessible for all players, and that characters who have never raided need to be able to kill the quest mobs.  I get it.  I just get a very anti-climactic feeling when I wade in there and all the mobs fall over dead as if they were made of paper.  It takes me out of the immersion of the game.  In the brief time I played in beta on my rogue, most of the quest mobs in the opening zone died before I could even get off a finisher.


Alliance Commander: “Look out!  The Iron Horde is invading!  Run for your lives”

Raid geared rogue spits on an orc and it dies.

Alliance Commander: “Oh.  Nevermind.”


I remember the opening quests of Burning Crusade.  The very first fel orcs and fel boars were tough, and if you accidentally pulled 2 or 3 you could easily die.  That was a challenge – maybe too much so.  However, the quest reward gear you got immediately replaced your classic gear, so your power level jumped quickly as you completed quests.

This caused complaints by people who didn’t want to replace their hard-earned raid gear so easily.

In expansions since then, your raid gear carried far into the next expansion before being replaced.  Wrath did a fair job of making the intro zones still somewhat challenging at times.  In Cata (Mt Hyjal and Vash’jir) and Mists (Jade Forest) as far as I recall they were pretty easy for a raid-geared player.

I wish there was some way that the quest mobs could scale based on your gear level.  The technology is certainly available in-game.  Look how much scaling they already do in Challenge Modes and Flex raiding.  I’d prefer if the quest mobs were a bit challenging, no matter what gear level you are at.

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