Final Nights of Mists, and it all Comes Together

After the reset on Tuesday, I had two nights to finish up anything I wanted to get done in Mists.

I went into Tuesday evening still needing four Titan Runestones to finish that stage of the legendary cloak quest for my pally alt.  Then I had all the following steps of the quest left to finish the process.  I figured this would take me both nights to do.

I logged in Tuesday evening at 10:00, after my son’s baseball practice.  I immediately queued for three of the four raids that drop Runestones. (Thank you, Blizzard, for allowing us to queue for multiple raids at once).  My queue popped after about 20 minutes, and I was going, first into Halls of Flesh Shaping.

(as an aside, does anyone think about why there is a Hall of Flesh-Shaping in the Throne of Thunder raid?  I think Blizzard dropped the ball on the storytelling here.  All I know about the Throne of Thunder raid is that Lei Shen is in it.  I know Lei Shen’s story, but nothing else about the place)

Everything fell in my favor.  I ran two LFR raids and got 4 Runestones in my first 5 boss kills.  I wonder if Blizzard secretly upped the drop rate for the last week or two.  Then I was able to quickly queue for Pinnacle of Storms to kill Lei Shen.  After that, it was mostly easy going to do the rest of the questline and I finished my legendary cloak.  Now I have one melee dps, one healer, and one tank with the cloak.  Will that help in Warlords, or will they be quickly replaced?  Time will tell.  For comparison, the legendary daggers I got in Cata lasted until I hit 90 in Mists.

With that done on Tuesday, I still had Wednesday.available.  I decided to try and get an heirloom, since I had not yet killed Garrosh on any difficulty higher than flex.

On my rogue, I went into the Premade Group finder tool and searched for “Garrosh”.  I found lots of groups that were farming Garrosh for heirlooms.  I signed up for a few heroic versions and got accepted.  Killed him on our second attempt, and got my heirloom dagger.

That was quick, so I switched to my druid and repeated the process.  Got his heirloom healer mace.  Then, with a little more time available, I jumped to my pally and did it once more, getting him a one-handed heirloom sword.

All in all, it was a rewarding last two nights in the expansion.  I’m looking forward to garrisons and epic cinematics in Warlords tomorrow!


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