Race to the Legendary Cloak, updated again

On October 20, I posted that I had decided to pursue a legendary cloak for an alt, since they had removed the Test of Valor quest.  My concern was that I wouldn’t have enough time to do all the collection quests before WoD.

Here’s how it has gone so far:

October 14-20: started collecting Secrets of the Empire.  Got 6 in the first week through LFR.  I ran all 6 available LFR raids (20 bosses) that can drop the Secrets

October 21-27: got 6 more in my second week of the quest through LFR, giving me 12 out of 20.  Again, I ran all 20 bosses that can drop Secrets.

October 28-November 3: Got the last 7 Secrets that I needed from 16 LFR boss kills.  Did the Forge quest on the Isle of Thunder.  Ran my one remaining LFR raid to try and get some Titan Runestones, but got none.  Tried to use the Premade Raid Finder tool to do some normal-mode raids, but none of the groups I was in killed even a single boss.

November 4-November 10:  After a week of running all 14 LFR bosses that drop Titan Runestones, I had 6.  Then I spent a whole weekend signing up for premade groups to do the raids on Normal.  That was… unsuccessful.  The premade groups were generally awful.  After something like 10 hours of signing up, forming up, replacing people who dropped, etc… I got all of two more Runestones.  I was not able to find a premade group that was coordinated enough to kill Lei Shen.  Out of the 14 bosses I could have killed on Normal, I think I only killed 9 or 10.  I now have 8 Runestones out of 12.

This now leaves me with two nights – Tuesday and Wednesday – to get 4 more Runestones, complete a Celestial’s challenge, kill the four Celestials on Timeless Isle, and then kill Garrosh.  Depending on queue times, that could easily take 5-6 hours over two nights.  I don’t really have that time, so I will have to decide how late I’m going to stay up in order to finish this.  How important is it to get my 3rd cloak?


2 Responses to “Race to the Legendary Cloak, updated again”

    November 7, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    you can run the normal, heroic and mythic to get the stones off the bosses that did not drop in lfr, I got all titanrunestones in one cycle using lfr, normal, and heroic runs

  2. November 10, 2014 at 9:29 am

    I tried.

    I spent an afternoon trying to do premades using the in-game group finder tool. None of my premade groups finished a single run, even on Normal. None of the premade groups could kill Durumu on Normal. None could kill Lei Shen on Normal.

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