A Test of Valor

One of the nice gestures that Blizzard made for us in the 6.0.2 pre-WoD patch is to remove the quest A Test of Valor.  That quest, part of the legendary cloak line, had us earning 3000 Valor Points.  This took a minimum of three weeks but for casual players took much longer.  The idea behind removing that was to make a last-minute push for your legendary cloak possible.

The Test of Valor quest was removed on October 14.  WoD drops on November 13.

Assuming that the lockouts will reset on Tuesday, November 12 as usual (leaving a two-day “week” with a new lockout before WoD) then we have 4 full lockouts and 1 abbreviated lockout to do the rest of the legendary cloak questline.

The biggest obstacle there is collecting the Secrets of the Empire.  You have to get 20. Now you’re squirming in the hands of the RNG gods.

There are 20 bosses you can kill each week to get Secrets.  In 4 weeks that is 80 chances, plus whatever you can do in the two-day “week” before WoD.  Thus you need to get roughly one Secret to drop per four boss kills.  (That is assuming you have the time to run 20 bosses each week).  That is not even considering the time you need for the steps that come after this quest.

That’s a little tight for me.  I’d hate to go through all this effort only to fall short due to random chance.  I really think that Blizzard should have extended the Gaze of the Black Prince buff all the way through WoD release.  Otherwise, removing the Test of Valor quest wasn’t as useful as they thought.

Edit: I was lucky and got 6 in my first week.  I’ve heard panicked complaints from others who only got 2 or 3.


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