That’s not an event (yet)

I guess I’m now becoming one of those “back in my day…” old codgers.

What I really want in a pre-launch event is a memory.  I don’t need an achievement or an epic loot drop.  I want to tell people years from now that I Was There When the Iron Horde Invaded.

When the Burning Crusade was about to drop, there was an event at the Dark Portal.  It turned into an all-out pvp-fest that even carebears like me jumped into.  I still talk about that.

When Wrath of the Lich King was approaching there was the infamous and awesome zombie invasion.  Other than the zombie plague, which people either loved or hated, there were undead spawning all around Azeroth.  There were rewards for continuing to pursue them – gear sets and items and the like.  It was an event that held your attention for days, if not weeks.

Cataclysm brought the liberation of Gnomeregan as well as continuing elemental invasions.  While this wasn’t as world-spanning and epic as the previous one, it did make you travel around a bit and held your attention for a while.  The events came in stages, leading to fighting Twilight Cultists and major cities being attacked.

Mists of Pandaria had almost nothing.  There was the Theramore scenario, and…

This was terribly disappointing.  Completely forgettable.

Now we arrive at the pre-launch for Warlords of Draenor.  This has a lot of potential – marauding bands of Iron Horde, appearances by the Warlords, conflict or cooperation between the Horde and Alliance. I am hoping that Blizzard heard the cries of its players from the MoP non-event and would opt to return to the epic launch events of before.

All we’ve gotten (so far) is a few quest hubs.  There isn’t anything epic about that (yet).  It felt just like questing anywhere else in the game.  The mobs were squishy and the travel was quick.  I finished the whole thing in less than an hour.

Sure, there is UBRS, but that doesn’t feel like a pre-launch event either.

I’m holding out hope that this “event” will have more stages as the month passes, and things will get more interesting and involved (and that means more than just additional quest hubs).

Don’t let me down, Blizzard.


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