What did I do on my last night pre-6.0?

I’ve been so busy, I have gone weeks without logging into WoW at all.  Finally, with two days until the pre-WoD patch, I found myself with some free time.  What did I do to pass that time?

I mostly took advantage of the last days of the Gaze of the Black Prince buff.  I figure that if I want to get the legendary cloak on any more alts before WoD, then I should use whatever advantage I have.  So I took my paladin out to Thunder Isle and spent about an hour getting his Black Prince rep from Honored to Exalted. I ran one LFR raid with him to get my last Sigils of Power.  That puts me at the Test of Valor stage of the questline.  Since that quest is being removed in two days, I’ll jump into the next step post-patch.

Then, feeling accomplished, I did the same thing with my shadow priest.  Brought him to Thunder Isle, spent an hour and a half going from Friendly to Exalted.  Then I ran Mogushan Vaults and got him most of his Sigils.  I’m still 3 Sigils of Power short of finishing that quest.

That means, for both of them, I’ll have about a month to:

  • Defeat the Sha of Fear in Terrace of Endless Spring to get the Chimera of Fear.
  • Win at Temple of Kotmogu and the Silvershard Mines
  • Collect 20 Secrets of the Empire from Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar
  • Fight Nalak
  • Collect 12 Titan Runestones from Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar
  • Do the Thunderforge scenario
  • Combat a Celestial and defeat his challenge
  • Defeat all four Celestials on Timeless Isle

I’m skeptical that this can be done in time for WoD, unless the buffed drop rate for Secrets and Runestones is extended.


My final act was to log out in Blasted Lands so that I can log in and see the invasion come tomorrow.  I have very fond memories of being at the Dark Portal for the Burning Crusade event, and I’m hoping this one is just as much fun.



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