What Are You Excited About in Warlords of Draenor?

With the expansion a little over two months away, I’ll admit that I haven’t been caught up in excitement or hype yet.  I’ve played the beta a bit.  Other than some new uses of tech in the game, it still seems like the same WoW to me.  There are no new classes or races or professions to spice things up.  Quests are still quests.  I haven’t tried any group content in the beta.

Not that this is a bad thing – the same old WoW has kept me continuously subscribed for 8+ years.  I have no intention of quitting.

However, the Iron Horde story doesn’t enthrall me.  I am hoping there will be a plot twist along the way.

Garrisons seem fun, but that is solo fun.  The game already has a ton of solo play – too much if you ask me.

What I really want are more compelling small group options, and a reason to play them with a guild group rather than using the LFG tool.  They tried to do this with heroic scenarios in MoP, but that failed.

The updated models are a non-issue to me.  I’m much more interested in gameplay than in graphic detail.  I never really look at my own character’s face.  In fact, I worry that the higher graphics will edge some people out of the game when they cannot afford computer upgrades.

I still intend to play my rogue (one of the few left, it seems) in the expansion, but I may be steered into druid healing by guild needs.


I have said in the past that the social network in the game is what keeps me going.  I hope that the new expansion maintains that.

Is there anything in the game that has really captured your attention?



3 Responses to “What Are You Excited About in Warlords of Draenor?”

  1. 1 Marek
    October 10, 2014 at 9:13 am

    Hey, good to see you back and posting a bit again. Not many active WoW blogs anymore, let alone rogue ones.

    I’m still maining a rogue and I am looking forward to WoD dropping. I’ve been carrying my sub for the last year, but have been logging in on average an hour a month for the last 3. I’ve got 7 keeps to the Troves of Lei Shen I need to burn through in the next couple days before 6.0 drops.

    I’m really just looking forward to a whole string of new achievements to run around and try to solo. New areas to explore, new lists to check off and complete. I’m not a progression raider for the most part, but I like the new Flex system and the x-realm is nice for gearing up for solo adventures.

    • October 13, 2014 at 5:59 pm

      I am always seeing people say that they are not a progression raider anymore. I can see why WoW has changed raiding to make it more accessible – so many people can’t fit hardcore raiding into their lives these days.

      I’m looking forward to a new world to explore, although I feel like I didn’t really squeeze everything out of Pandaria. I look at the achievements I am leaving undone… maybe I’ll get back to them someday.

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