Horridon the horrible

In MoP, each raid has had its “roadblock” boss.  Mogu’shan Vaults had Elegon.  Heart of Fear had Garalon.  Terrace… well that didn’t have anything (on normal mode, at least).

Now in Throne of Thunder we are at a dead stop on Horridon.  I feel like this isn’t even the roadblock boss for most people, but it is for us.

I have issues with this fight, and not just because its a rotten fight for rogues.  Its also an annoying fight for just general playing.

(1) Horridon has a big ass.  Seriously.  I can’t tell you how many times my view has been blocked because this huge dinosaur has charged into my screen.  I have to keep adjusting my camera view during the fight to see around it.  Very frustrating.  I ended up playing with my camera zoomed out into the sky, but I really don’t like that perspective.

(2) Targeting is awful when adds are all grouped together.  In many add-based fights, you can simply AoE down a group of adds.  In this fight, that big group of adds has one tougher one in the group that you are trying to focus.  Finding him in that pile is a terrible chore.  Yes, you can write a targeting macro, but I consider that to be an inelegant kludge solution to an encounter design problem.

(3) Frozen Orbs.  Oh, to be a ranged class that can spread out and plink away at the Frozen Warlords without standing in the midst of Frozen Orbs.  Either I’m in the melee zone, dying to Orbs or I’m out of range doing essentially nothing.  This phase stinks for rogues.

I have yet to see past the third door, so I can’t even comment on the rest of the fight.

Maybe something will suddenly click and I’ll find a secret that I’ve been missing.  Until that happens, this fight annoys me more than any other in MoP raiding so far.



6 Responses to “Horridon the horrible”

  1. 1 Zneaker
    May 21, 2013 at 3:34 am

    As a rogue I can only /agree

  2. May 21, 2013 at 10:28 am

    Horridon isnt so bad really. As a melee class you wont be top dps on this one. Your job as a rogue is to interrupt things as much as possible and help dps the adds.

    Door One:
    Interrupt Stone Gaze cast by the Sul’lithuz Stonegazers. What i do is use Shuriken toss to aggro and bring the Sul’lithuz Stonegazers to me while standing near the other Adds the off tank has gatehred. Use Blade flurry to cleave and bring those adds down, and interrupt the Stone Gaze. Help with interrupting the Dinomancers Healing on Horridon. Click the Orb of control if you are near it when it drops from the Dinomancer. DPS Horridon when you can during the transition to the next door or clear remaining adds. Stay clear of the Sand Traps

    Door 2:
    Its very important that you pick up a Venom Priest and kill asap. Interrupt the Venom Bolt Volly. Too much of this volly puts a HUGE strain on healers and its hard to avoid because it moves around. Our Raid will mark the priests as they come out. Look for the Dinomancer and interrupt him and kill him so Horridon can charge the door asap. Click the Orb if you are near it.

    Stay near your off tank and cleave the adds he picks up. Keep moving and out of the way of the orbs. Use your survival skills to minimize your damage taken to help the healers. Use CoS to remove the plague Look for the Dinomancer, interrupt and kill so Horridon can charge the door. Click the Orb if you are near it.

    Things will be really getting crazy by now – its important to clean up the remaining trolls after each door so things don’t get out of hand. For the last door you want to Kill the Flame Casters and interrupt them. Stay near the offtank to cleave and DPS down the warbears, stay behind them if you can. Watch for, interrupt, and kill the Dinomancer….. When horridon charges the last door, start cleaning up remaining Trolls as the Tank begins to move Horridon to the center of the arena….if the doors come down quick enough you should have 3min before Horridon reaches his hard enrage.

    Final Stretch:
    Everyone should stack along side of Horridon and begin to burn him down. Watch his swipe and move out of the way accordingly use survival skills to minimize damage to yourself. About a minute after the final door is destroyed – Wargod Jalak will jump down… Switch to him Immediately and begin DPS. As a Rogue you can help mitigate damage to the tank from Triple Puncture by Dismantling Jalak…use preparation to Dismantle him again. If your raid has high enough DPS Jalak should almost be dead by this point. Switch back to Horridon and finish him off.

    Hope this helps you Rogues deal with Horridon….You will wipe a lot until everyone get coordinated with each other for each Door. The Tanks and Healers are going to have a lot to do so Interrupting and using your self survival abilities will help a ton in achieving success on Horridon. Don’t worry about being top Damage or DPS on horridon because thats not what this fight is about. Its about the Raid’s ability to handle the wave of Mechanics that come along non stop until Horridon is dead.

    Im sure there are other things that can be done to help with this fight but this quickly summarizes what I have to do and we usually get Horridon down in one attempt or two. Believe me it took my guild many attempts to finally get it right…. don’t get discouraged!

    • May 21, 2013 at 11:35 am

      Sounds like you prefer Combat on this fight. I tried Combat spec in this encounter and didn’t like it, so I went back to Assassinate. Post-nerf, Blade Flurry isn’t so great on just one or two mobs.

      • May 21, 2013 at 11:49 am

        I’ve always preferred combat but I’ve been doing this pre-patch 5.3 – This week I’ll see how it affects my performance with the blade flurry nerf but I don’t think it will very much. I only used Blade flurry to help dps several at once. If I have to, I’ll single target the highest priority mob that poses the most risk as far as damage to the raid. It still all boils down to the fact that every class has a specific task to beat that encounter. Its a great feeling of accomplishment when you do get it. =)

    • July 8, 2013 at 9:49 am

      I get all of that.

      Our problem seems to be that we are very melee-heavy. We run with a rogue, ret pally, and 1-2 DKs as dps. This leads to trouble on the 3rd door. When we all have to avoid the orbs, that means time off target for most of our dps. As a result, we can’t get the elite adds down quickly enough. That’s where it falls apart every time.

      I’m not worried about my personal dps. However, our raid team has been pretty much destroyed by this boss. They finally nerfed it a bit, but we’ve all but stopped raiding.


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