Gold cap… then a Yak

I’ve been dabbling in gold-making using my crafting and the auction house since sometime during Wrath.  I spent most of Wrath just doing glyphs, because that was practically printing money.  Then in Cata I moved also in jewelcrafting and a little bit of enchanting.  I wasn’t too serious – I didn’t hover over the auction house cancel-reposting.  It was enough to earn a couple thousand gold a day.

When I hit 350k, I realized that I could eventually earn a million gold this way.  I just had to keep doing what I was doing and resist the urge to spend a lot.  And that’s what I did, for over a year now.

This week, I finally reached my goal of a million gold.

Gold Cap


So what do I do with all that gold?  Interestingly, I felt like I *had* to spend some.  When I first collected my gold from my mailbox and exceeded a million, I ended with 1,001,500 or so.  My first thought was, “I can’t spend more than 1,500g or I’ll drop back below a million.”  That’s crazy!  That means that even though I was a millionaire, I couldn’t buy anything that cost over 1,500g?  It’s like I was broke again!

So I decided to break the hold that this magic number had.  I went out and bought myself the Grand Expedition Yak for a cool 108,000g.  It was a huge expense and for no real purpose, but it broke me out of the “save your gold! save! save!” mindset I was stuck in.

Its now been three days since I hit that milestone and I have not crafted a glyph since.  I’m sure I’ll get back to it, but I feel no real compulsion to push it.  I feel much more relaxed.  I am spending more time now doing other things in game rather than posting auctions.

ahhhhh, nice.


2 Responses to “Gold cap… then a Yak”

  1. 1 BenDover
    January 20, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    Grats on the Gold Cap!

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