A Rogue in the Brawler’s Guild

fight-clubLast week I was debating whether or not to bid on an invitation to the Brawler’s Guild.  As part of my decision, I spent some time in the Brawler’s arena watching and listening.  I was worried that the awful trolls would heap scorn and abuse on those who failed in their fights.  That’s not at all what I found.  The majority of people were supportive.  They were forming raid groups to share buffs.  They congratulated each other on victories.  I was sold.  I waited a few days until I could get an invite for under $25k, and then I bought one.

I’m going through this gradually.  I figure out one or two fights each time I go to brawl.  I’m not looking at kill videos or strategy guides in advance.  What’s the point of that?  This isn’t group content, where my mistake causes 9 (or 24) other people to have repair bills.  Its just me.  I’m in no rush, and I’ll figure it out as I go.  If there is a mechanic that I cannot figure out, then I’ll do a little research.

However, some of you might be interested to hear about my experiences, so I’ll share some advice about the fights here.  I’ll only include what I have seen first-hand.  As I get through more fights, I’ll add to the post.


Gear: right now, I’m way undergeared.  My iLvL is 468.  I have yet to set foot into a raid – not even LFR, so no I have no raid gear.  I’m still using a green helmet and a green off-hand dagger.

Spec: I am sure that either Combat or Assassination would work here.  Since most fights are single-target, I’m going with Assassination.  I’m not sure how well Subtlety would work.  I know that Sub has been a great single-target dps spec lately, but you won’t be behind the targets so you can’t backstab.

Talents and Glyphs:  I switched some things around for this activity.  My Recuperate ability in Mutilate spec wasn’t healing me as much as I had hoped, so I added Glyph of Recuperate.  That plus Leeching Poison helps a lot, but I still needed to keep my defensive abilities handy.  I made sure that I was specced into Combat Readiness.  Preparation is probably more useful than Shadowstep on these fights since it resets your key defensive abilities – Cloak , Evasion, and Dismantle.  You’ll use those a lot.

NOTE ON VANISH:  I learned this the hard way.  Using Vanish ends the fight.  I have done it several times just out of habit.  My Kidney Shot is on cooldown, so I figure that I will Vanish and Cheap Shot.  Nope.  When I vanish, the fight is over.

Stats – there is a guy sitting at the bar who keeps stats on all of the fights.  When you talk to him, he lists each fight and the wins-losses of the fighter.  If your opponent has fewer wins than losses then you can expect he’s not too tough, because most people beat him on their first attempt.  If he has more wins than losses, then most people are taking multiple tries to get past him.


I start each fight by popping Vendetta + Shadow Blades + Brawler’s Deftness Potion right away.

Bruce:  This fight is easy.  Bruce does melee attacks, but your self heals along with defensive abilities will make that almost a non-issue.  Most importantly – he casts Chomp Chomp.  Make sure that you are not in front of him when he is done.  I had a hard time running straight through him (he’s very large), but I was successful when I ran sideways.  He does not turn to follow you once he starts the cast.  He is stunnable (like most of the fights in the Brawler’s Guild).

Vlad the Volatile: I just went all-out dps on this fight.  He throws around a lot of fire stuff.  I moved away from the fire lines on the ground and tried to avoid as many fireballs as I could.  Cloak of Shadows is your friend here – especially with Preparation so you can use it twice.

Goredome: Another pretty simple fight.  He charges, and before he charges it highlights the area on the ground where he’s going to charge.  Make sure that you are not there.  Its just like killing the mushan in Pandaria, really.  Evasion helps for his normal melee attacks.

Dungeon Master Vishas: He has one fire attack that hurts a lot – Heated Pokers.  He casts it and it gives himself a buff.  The cast can be interrupted, or he can be stunned until that buff wears off.  Or, since it is fire damage, you can use Cloak to mitigate it.  Our toolkit gives us a lot of methods to deal with him.

Dippy: This is the first fight that forced me to do research online to figure it out.  Dippy has a melee attack called Peck.  It will one-shot you.  The key to the fight is to never let him use it.  (I felt like an idiot the first few times I tried the fight and died in less than 3 seconds).  Dippy’s attacks are interrupted if he takes any damage at all.  There are two ways to win: either stay at range at all times, or make sure that he is constantly taking damage so he never gets an attack off.  I had no luck with keeping him interrupted, so I went with the “ranged rogue” approach.  I specced into Deadly Throw and Shuriken Toss, and I just stayed at range throwing knives at him.  When he got close, I’d Sprint and run, hitting Fan of Knives as I went.

Kirrawk: This fight was really simple.  First, with Vendetta + Shadow Blades running, I think he was down to less than half health before he even got to use his main mechanic.  I used Cloak to mitigate some of his lightning bolts and interrupted his other big spells.  His big mechanic is a tornado that he summons.  Make sure that you move so that it hits the boss rather than you.  Kirrawk will go up in the air and you get a couple of seconds to bandage or let Recuperate tick before he comes back down.

Next up: Fran & Riddoh


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