Plans for Mists

One of the truly great things about WoW is the way that this game can be enjoyed by vastly different players.  Raiders, altoholics, pvp lovers, achievement chasers, and gold goblins all have a niche.

Case in point – the well-known blogger Matticus is working on his leveling speed in beta.  He got to level 86 in 3.5 hours of gaming (wow!), and is pretty sure that he can cut his time down.  Clearly, his goal is to zip through the leveling content and get straight to endgame.

I point this out not to make a criticism of Matticus, but just to show him as a counterpoint to my own plans.  I plan to enjoy leveling.  Raids will still be there if I start them next week or two months from now.  I’m not gunning for any firsts (as if I could while playing on the same realm as Premonition).  I feel like the story that is told in the leveling and questing process needs to be savored.  This content is going to last us two years so I don’t feel a need need to fly through it.

In addition, I do a lot of crafting.  Depending on drop rates, auction house prices, and the availability of mats I may need to play my crafter toons to get the raw materials I need.  I doubt I will focus on my main 100% for the first week or two.  I originally thought that I would be forced to play my crafting alts a lot to get Spirit of Harmony.  However, the number of recipes that require this reagent has dropped tremendously, so its now more optional than mandatory (except for Darkmoon Cards).

My plan:

  • Tuesday I don’t expect much, since servers are typically finicky on release day.  I originally considered trying to get a realm first in inscription, but I no longer feel like taking the day off from work to sit by my computer waiting for server troubles to clear up.
  • Wednesday I am off from work, so I should be able to play all day.  I will work on my main a bit, but probably spend more time crafting/selling monk glyphs and bags and leveling professions.
  • On the weekend I will have nothing to do but play, so I should be able to make progress leveling my main.  The initial glyph and bag rush will be slowing down, and there will be a lot of people online which means a lot of raw materials on the auction house.  Also, players will be hitting the level cap which creates a need for enchants and other gear enhancements.  I should be able to make some serious gold.  Also, I hope that my wife will be able to play, so I will do some leveling with her on one of my toons.

In Cataclysm you had to level up in order to max your professions.  It looks like leveling professions is much easier in Mists, and I think I level all the way to max skill level at level 80.  It will take a lot of gold if I’m not gathering my own raw materials, but that’s an acceptable cost of business.

I expect that by the end of the first week, my main will be at 86 or 87, and one of my alts will be at 86 from playing with my wife.  I hope that my professions – at least inscription and jewelcrafting – are at or near maxed and I am doing some auction house sales.

Raids?  Heroics?  Challenge modes?  I am excited about them, but I’ll get to them soon enough.  For now, I can read Matticus’ blog to hear about them.


2 Responses to “Plans for Mists”

  1. September 23, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    I get a lot of shit from people frowning and encouraging me to enjoy the game and see the sights and all that. But leveling fast IS how I enjoy the game. Besides, I’ve been on the beta for the past half a year seeing all the cutscenes and (literally) watching the world grow into what it is now. I’ve done my exploring there, even though it’s rough around the edges and wasn’t the final product. I’ve also got alts and other characters to play on for that too.

    Plus I need to re-take my title as fastest leveler in guild.

    • September 23, 2012 at 2:45 pm

      I get it. I really do. I wasn’t being critical. I have some people in my guild who are the same way. That’s why I started off saying that the game appeals to all types of gamers.

      That said, I’m not surprised that you take some flak for it. I can imagine a Blizzard developer reading your blog and saying, “We spent two years working on these zones so he can run through it in three days?”

      I think you really need to have a guild that’s in tune with that. In my guild, when someone races to the level cap, they often become bored because the rest of us are taking our time. We’ve lost some guildies that way when they decide to hop to another guild that is ready to start raiding a week after release.

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