Rogue Hit and Expertise during 5.0.4 (until Mists)

We’re in an odd period in Warcraft.  As of yesterday, all the game mechanics have changed to their new Mists of Pandaria versions.  However, we’re still stuck at level 85.

If you do a search for combat ratings or hit rating or expertise in Mists of Pandaria, almost all the links you get tell you want to shoot for at level 90.  That doesn’t help us right now.

For now, we still want to get to 7.5% hit and 7.5% expertise, but our combat rating numbers to achieve that are based on level 85 calculations, not level 90.  The combat rating equivalents are not the same.

As long as you are at level 85 you want to aim for 768 hit rating, which will give you 7.5% hit against a Cataclysm raid boss (level 88).  You can go a bit over because that is a soft cap, but try not to.

You also want to get to 7.5% expertise, which will be 768 expertise rating against a Cataclysm raid boss.  That’s a hard cap (as long as we stay behind the target) so any points over that are wasted.

Keep in mind that most of the gear optimizer sites have not updated their code yet, so they are still going to give recommendations based on the Cataclysm mechanics.  You’ll probably have to figure out your reforging by trial and error until the sites or your add-ons are updated.

One more thing:  If you go to a training dummy in a major city to test your mechanics, and you find that your damage is terrible…. The Raiders’s Training Dummy is level 93.  Find a level 88 training dummy to practice on.


4 Responses to “Rogue Hit and Expertise during 5.0.4 (until Mists)”

  1. August 30, 2012 at 9:58 am

    In your last setence when you say “Find a level 83 training dummy to practice on.”, you mean “Find a level 88”.

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