Legendaries for all

Legendaries!  Apparently, placeholders were datamined for a slew of legendary items as rewards – axe, mace, fist, shield, gun, staff, knife, and sword.  The speculation is that there will be some kind of questline, possibly associated with our friend Wrathion, and that it will offer legendary items as a reward to any class.

Nothing more is known.  No one knows if this speculation is accurate, or if so then how easy or hard they will be to obtain, or how many a guild can get.

This gives me, as a guild leader, some trepidation.  Until now, legendaries have been on the rare side and entirely associated with raiding.

Here’s how our decision-making process went in each tier:

  • Ulduar – legendary healing mace – went to our long-term and best druid healer, who was also an officer in the guild (never finished the weapon)
  • ICC – legendary axe – went to our long term, dependable paladin dps (never finished the weapon)
  • Firelands – legendary staff – went to our long-term mage, who was our top dps and also an officer in the guild.  When she quit WoW, it went instead to our very long-term priest, who was an officer in the guild.
  • Dragon Soul – legendary daggers – went to me, the very long-term GM of the guild (and the only one who has a rogue main)

All of these decisions seem very sensible to me.  The guild could only grind out one legendary at a time, and in each case the recipient was someone who had been in the guild for years and years and was a very proficient player.

However, to the average member of the guild, all they see is that the legendaries go to the guild officers.  That can create resentment.  I think that we managed it pretty well.  I don’t think there was anyone who really challenged the decisions, and no one was so offended that they quit over it.

If there are more legendaries, though, then the more people will want them and there will be more in-fighting.

Obviously, with so little information I will have to reserve judgement.  However, I’m a little nervous about how this will play out.


2 Responses to “Legendaries for all”

  1. August 15, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    We started talking about it when it was first data-mined a couple months ago (a month ago? something). I’ve had the daggers, we made two staves, and we formed just at the end of Wrath, so didn’t even try to make those two – though I have a paladin that is collecting the last set of mcguffins when we get around to it.

    Our first staff went to a raider, because the only officer who is caster dps was on hiatus. As a result, we’ve eliminated her husband (hunter) as our first choice as well, and for the same reason (and because they are tanks who offspec to dps depending on fights) we’ve eliminated my brothers.

    So that’s eliminated me, Mage (staff), EleSham (staff), her husband, and my brothers. Three healers, all of who offspec dps means they move down the priority as well. This leaves our warrior, an officer, as a good choice. He doesn’t keep up with the top three on dps, but he doesn’t embarrass himself either and gets out of fire as well as anyone.

    We had this conversation in the officer forum initially, but have shared it with our raiders, and they’ve pretty much bought in. Uh, now that I think about it, we’ve gotten two new raiders since then, but they’re both high end raiders who brought alts to raid with us, so they’ll go with whatever we decide.

    Transparency seems to be a good option, and at least has worked out well for us.

    My impression from what I’ve seen and read is that we won’t get legendaries until maybe the next tier, but that our warrior is going to get maxed out on collection in the first tier, and then we let someone else start collecting – and then someone else.

  2. August 21, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    One of the very best rogue blogs i’ve found so far. Keep it up!

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