I had a funny memory from way, way back.

I was level 19 in vanilla WoW.  I had heard of PvP but I had no idea what it entailed.  I knew that people did long grinds to get titles.  I decided to queue for Warsong Gulch.

Alliance got trounced over and over.  It seemed like the horde would just group up and make a beeline en masse for the Alliance flag, grab it, and return as a huge group.   We could barely slow them down.  But when Alliance tried to do the same thing, we got torn apart at the entrance to the horde building.

From this, I got the early impression that (1) PvP probably wasn’t for me, and (2) Horde was OP.

However, on my eighth or ninth time queuing up, we ended up with a paladin in our group.  I rarely saw paladins back then, and no one I knew played one.  Me being a video game noob, I had this expectation that paladins, as divine warriors, would be immensely powerful.

We actually won our next WG.

I walked away from that thinking that paladins were amazing.  Every time I queued in PvP for the next 10 or so levels, if we didn’t have a paladin in the group I felt that we were doomed to failure.

The best thing about vanilla battlegrounds was that all the players came from your server.  You tended to see the same characters over and over, so you got to know them.  I casually dabbled in PvP now and then (only in WG), and each time I saw that paladin in my group I got an awestruck feeling.

Ah, to be that naive again.

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