Pandaren… some other time

I tried making a Pandaren monk.  Got to the fourth quest and there was a crowd of about 50 pandaren all trying to click on a single quest item.  After ten minutes of unsuccessful clicking, I decided that my beta testing of pandaren can wait until another day.


1 Response to “Pandaren… some other time”

  1. 1 Ben Dover
    April 8, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Took me around half an hour to burn the edict on the temple balcony. People were spammin “/c” commands like no tomorrow. Which of course didn’t even work. Got that finally done by forming a group, and as one person got the quest done, we all did.

    I’m still in my teens with both my Monk and a new Rogue, checking out the leveling game, since my premade characters are still pending, as well as my Rogue.

    So far I’ve found out that AE looting is pretty darn handy, the pace at what you get abilities as a Rogue feels pretty good and even Assassination seems to be okay at very early levels. Seems like they are trying to make Prep. into a pure utility ability, at least for 2/3 specs. They’ve removed Overkill from Assassination in the latest Beta build, which means Subterfuge isn’t a DPS increase anymore either. However, as Mutilate and Ambush cost quite a bit, going with Shadow Focus provides you some really awesome burst when opening in PvP.

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