OK, now I’ll have something to post about


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  1. 1 Ben Dover
    March 30, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    Awesome! Eagerly waiting for my own Beta Key too.

    From what I’ve seen the Monk animations for races not Pandaren look pretty cool. I wonder if anything is done to other classes in their basic animations. Rogues could use some. It’s often hard to tell different attacks apart just by looking at them.

    Our Mobility tier with Shadowstep, Preparation and Burst of Speed also has me a bit worried. The changes to dispels will probably make it a more interesting choice for PvP, as BoS might be very strong when you don’t have a lot of dispels handy. Then again, Double CDs will always remain strong due to the utility and burst DPS they offer. For PvE it looks like Prep. is the default choice for Assassination and Subtlety, unless you happen to have a very specific role to fill in an encounter. Combat gains nothing from it for PvE.

    Just some of the questions I’ve been pondering while waiting for my key. Would appreciate your opinions on them and other stuff.

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