Rogue drops in Dragon Soul

Am I just incredibly unlucky?

I’ve run Dragon Soul now about 6-8 times in normal difficulty and a handful of times in LFR.  That’s a total of 40-50 boss kills split between 10-man runs and 25-man runs.

So far, I have gotten exactly three drops.  I got my first DS tier piece in LFR yesterday.

I’m not too surprised by that.  What I’m annoyed with is not that I’m being outrolled, but that I almost never even have a drop to roll on.  I’ve gone entire guild runs without ever typing /roll, and entire LFR runs without ever hitting Need or even Greed.  Its become kind of a joke.

Am I just amazingly unlucky?


3 Responses to “Rogue drops in Dragon Soul”

  1. January 24, 2012 at 10:11 am

    Rades, I’ve run LFR pretty much every week since it was available, and DS10 Normal (only up to 5/8) more than a few times, though probably not as often as you. I’ve got a trinket from LFR. That’s it. I’ve seen a very few Hunter drops in LFR but never anything in Normal. I would say, yes, you’re amazingly unlucky, but you’re not alone.

  2. January 24, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    Heck I am still trying to get the Arrow of Time after over 25 runs! I am also running LFR weekly as well as a 10 man and have had a total of three drops that I have won from LFR to include No’Kaled, the Elements of Death 🙂

    That said it could have been four but I handed over the Tier-13 ilvl 397 pants to our healing Druid after winning roll. Have to agree that there does seem to be a lack of drops when it comes to Rogues. At least in my case.

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