Add-On dependence

Since I’ve had trouble with Curse Client this week, its made me realize what a large number of add-ons I use.

This is not intentional.  Its just “add-on creep” – meaning that over my 6+ years of playing I have gradually added more add-ons while not removing many.

Here’s what I use right now:

  • Dominos for my bars
  • X-Perl for unit frames
  • SexyMap to move and configure my minimap
  • Elkano Buff Bars for my buffs/debuffs
  • ChocolateBar (replacing FuBar) for my indicators across the top of the screen, including
    • Fubar2Broker to make my FuBar add-ons functional
    • MoneyFu to track my income
    • PerformanceFu to monitor my game performance
    • ReputationFu to track my faction reputations
    • GarbageFu to automatically get rid of crap that I loot
    • DurabilityFu to automate my gear repairs
  • OmniCC to put a timer on my cooldowns
  • Outfitter to manage my gear sets
  • Arkinventory to organize my bags
  • GoGoMount to use a different mount each time I mount up
  • Archy for my occasional dabbles in archaeology
  • FishingBuddy and FishermansFriend to make my time fishing go smoothly
  • IronChef to help my cooking go faster
  • SleekFreeBagSlots to show my free space on the toons that don’t use Arkinventory
  • StealYourCarbon to simplify restocking of basic reagents
  • SpamMeNot to block annoying goldsellers

Then there are the add-ons I use to raid.

  • PowerAuras to tell me about important procs
  • SmartBuff to remind me to rebuff or repoison
  • Deadly Boss Mods for raid encounters
  • Omen Threat Meter
  • Nug Combo Bar to show my combo points in my field of view
  • Event Horizon as a timer for my abilities
  • Recount with several plug-ins for damage/healing tracking
  • EnsidiaFails to see who messed up after a wipe
  • BigBrother to make sure that everyone has food/flasks
  • Clique and Grid on my healer characters
  • Decursive on any characters than can decurse or dispel
  • Tauntmaster on my tank toon
  • KAHolyPower for my paladin

Then there are my auction/gold-making add-ons

  • TradeSkillMaster for sheer awesomeness
  • Enchantrix to automate prospecting/milling/disenchanting
  • Postal to quickly send/receive my hundred of mails from the auction house.
  • MillHelp to see what my herbs will mill into

Plus many of these add ons use libraries which also need to be updated.

Very few of my add-ons actually have a direct impact on my game play.  On my rogue, its basically NugComboBar and Event Horizon.  On my priest and druid healers its Grid, Clique, and Decursive.  For my paladin its KAHolyPower, TauntMaster, and EventHorizon.  And DBM, of course, on any characters in a raid.  Other than those, the vast majority of the add-ons are for convenience and to automate everyday tasks or to reorganize my UI.

To keep this up to date manually would be a huge chore.  Now that Curse is uninstalled, I have to decide what to do.  How many of these can/should I remove?  How much frustration will I feel when I have to remember to do things that used to be automated (like rebuff or repair or empty my bags of grey items)?  How annoyed will I be when I start getting goldselling spam or forget to restock my poisons?  How long would it take me to get used to a simpler, more vanilla UI?  I’m so used to these things as part of my game experience.



3 Responses to “Add-On dependence”

  1. 1 Marek
    December 21, 2011 at 10:21 am

    I regularly go back and re-evaluate my AddOn collection. I really try to go as lightweight as possible. I started with Skaarj UI which is based around OUF, then added just a couple AddOns to fill gaps like Omen and Recount and DBM.

    However, I only use my Rogue, no other classes, and will periodically load Carbonite if I’m leveling or Auctioneer (back when it worked) when I’m doing AH activities.

  2. December 21, 2011 at 11:58 am

    I’d be hugely interested in seeing a screenshot of your UI with all/most of your addons in place. In unrelated news, I use many of the same ones, though I have a tough time configuring everything to work with all my alts rather than just my main.

    • December 21, 2011 at 12:46 pm

      My screen is pretty ugly. I try to have everything around my field of view, so there are buttons and indicators all surrounding my character. Its not attractive, but it lets me see what I need when I am raiding.

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