No, you can’t stealth to Hagara. A Guide to the Rogue Legendary Dagger questline

One of the questions I have seen from other rogues (and that I asked myself) is… can you stealth through Dragon Soul to finish the first part of the legendary dagger questline?  The answer… no.

Here’s what you have to do to get the legendary daggers.  It won’t be quick.  Even the most hardcore raider will take a couple of months to get through this.  However, Blizzard has given us an easy path to get the first stage of dagger rewards, and that’s going to be the best daggers most of us can get until (if) we get the legendaries.

Step Zero: Find the Dragon Soul raid.

Before you can start the questline, you have to find the questgiver, Lord Afrasastrasz, and he is in the Dragon Soul raid.  You can’t go into the raid solo.  You have to be in a raid group.  If you’re in a raiding guild, this is no problem.  If not you’ll have to group with someone, form a raid group, and then you can go in.  The quest giver is on your right just after you enter.  Get his quest.

Step One: Proving Your Worth

Your first quest, Proving Your Worth, says to pickpocket a Cryptomancer’s Decoder Ring from Hagara, who is the 4th boss in Dragon Soul.  Unfortunately, the path to this boss does not open until the first three bosses have been defeated.

You cannot do this in a LFR raid.  You need to be in a regular group on normal or heroic difficulty.  If you’re in a raiding guild, then you’ll get there soon enough.  If not, then you’re in a jam.

The best thing you can do is either pug the raid at normal difficulty, or buy a pickpocket spot.  If a raid group is at Hagara, they can invite you to the raid, let you stealth to the boss and pickpocket, then you can drop raid.  Arrange with a raiding guild in advance so they can invite you when they get to the 4th boss.  They may ask for several thousand gold for this service.

If there is more than one rogue in the group who wants to pickpocket, here is what you do.  Stealth to the boss and pickpocket.  Then step back and drop stealth and pull the boss.  Vanish.  When the boss resets, the pickpocket timer will also be reset, and the next rogue can take a turn.

Step Two: Pay and Wait

Once you have the Decoder Ring, you get the next quest called A Hidden Message.  You bring the ring to the ethereals who have set up shop in Stomwind or Orgrimmar.  One of them will “charge” the ring for you.  He also demands 10,000 gold for this service.  When you pay, he does his thing it but it takes twelve hours for the ring to charge.  I hope you’re not impatient.

Once the ring is charged take it to Corastrasza at the Vermillion Redoubt in Twilight Highlands.

Step Three: Back to Ravenholdt

This quest is called To Ravenholdt, and its just a travel / story developing quest.  A dragon named Mostrasz will fly you to Ravenholdt.  Why?  Well, I won’t spoil the story line, but they have something the red dragonflight wants.

Step Four: Sneaking

In the quest To Catch a Thief, Mostrasz will guide you as you infiltrate the Ravenholdt compound to find… well, I won’t say.  You have to stealth, avoid guards.  If you fail you get to try again so its not difficult.

Step Five: Gilneas

The next quest, called Our Man in Gilneas,  sends you to the Ruins of Gilneas.  You’re going to meet up with someone in an instanced version of the Ruins of Gilneas.  He’s going to give you a mission…

Step Six: A Man’s Got to Die

We’re rogues, right?  Killin’s what we do.  The next quest is to solo kill a mob in Gilneas City.  First you have to stealth to him through more guards.  I haven’t done it yet, but I hear its pretty tough.  Distract and Sap are key.

Once you get to him you have to solo kill him, and he has a two minute enrage timer with about 1.8 million health.  That means that you need to maintain around 15k dps while also keeping Recuperate up, as well as being quick on your other abilities.  Cloak of Shadows, Evasion/Combat Readiness, Blind, Gouge, Disarm, healing potions and bandages are all going to be useful in this fight.  It might take a few tries, and you’ll need some fairly good gear, but it seems doable.  This is the tough step for the first questline.

You can’t have help because your version of the area is phased.  The only way you can get help is to go with another rogue who is on the same step of the questline.  In that case, it becomes fairly easy with multiple stuns and interrupts on the target.

Step Seven: Profit!

Once he is dead, you return to Ravenholdt and get your reward.  This questline earns you the pair of daggers Fear (main hand) and Vengeance (off hand).  These are great daggers, even if they aren’t the legendaries that we’re after.

The nice thing here is that you don’t have to be a hardcore raider to do that quest chain.  YOu do need access to the 4th boss of Dragon Soul, but that’s it.  After that its just a rogue solo, using rogue abilities.  The next chain, however, requires a LOT of time in raids.  If you’re not in a raiding guild, then you can basically stop reading here because this is as far as you go.  Raiders can continue on to…

Step Eight: Collecting

You’ll get a quest called Cluster Clutch.  This asks you to do the expected gathering (just like the legendaries from Ulduar, ICC, and Firelands).  You have to collect 333 Shadowy Gems.  It seems that you can get 5-6 from each boss in Dragon Soul (not on LFR difficulty), so that means you’ll need 60-70 boss kills to complete this step.  For top guilds that is about eight weeks.  For most of us its several months.

Steps Nine through Thirteen

No one has done these yet so mot much is known.  You will have to kill a dragon in Karazhan and then you get the next level of epic daggers – The Sleeper and The Dreamer.  You’ll need to collect more stuff from bosses in Dragon Soul.  For the last step you will need to defeat Deathwing, and then you’ll get your legendaries – Golad, Twilight of the Aspects and Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages.

Then, you’re Batman.  Not the hero Azeroth wants, but the one they deserve.

Good luck!


5 Responses to “No, you can’t stealth to Hagara. A Guide to the Rogue Legendary Dagger questline”

  1. 1 Mechakisc
    December 5, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    You’ve got step 5 and 6 kinda off – step 5 is just travel to meet with the guy who gives you the assignment. He’s outside of town. Step 6 is all the stealth and the boss killing, and probably the single hardest step in the thing, because you don’t really have any help (other than possibly all the other rogues working on it). There’s good advice on the wowhead page: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=30093 — including some suggestions that there are mobs that cheat, and also notes on where stealth appears to break by design. SO FRUSTRATING. In the event that you become really frustrated, hit EJ’s “4.3 changes” on the rogue forum, and go to about page 12. I think it is page 12. Close to that anyway. Vids, suggestions, routes, advice, all of it.

    Note that there are spoilers at both of those links, and if you’re a dedicated rogue, you probably won’t find it as frustrating as I do. I’m a dedicated DPS, and our raid needed a rogue – since I was the 2nd hunter, I volunteered.

    Non-spoiler Add’l Notes on the fight:

    No one can help you unless they are on the same step of this quest. I flew my hunter our to scout routes, and wasn’t surprised to find the entire city abandoned. Only rogues at this step of the phased quest can help you. If they’ve already done it, they can coach, but can’t help.

    1.8 million, not 18 million 😉

    If you get into the courtyard unobserved (i.e. not being chased) where Creed is waiting, you’re home free. You don’t have to stealth through again, even if you fail and die, as you can res in the courtyard.

    Many Kidney shots. Handle it. Blind will give you a moment to bandage/etc, and of course gouge can stop Blackhowl’s will if you don’t have another stun ready.

    Don’t stand in stuff.

    When he does his breath weapon, he stands still – walk through him, don’t waste a stun that you’ll need to stop a Will cast.

    Two rogues, one in Firelands heroic gear, make it go really fast. Trading Kidney shots is super awesome.

  2. December 5, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    Thank for your comment. Fixed step 5 in the questline and the typo on Creed’s heatlh.

    I plan to try it on my own without online guides or help. Then, if that doesn’t go well, I may resort to outside aid. I’m pretty persistent, though.

  3. 3 Zeenaa
    December 6, 2011 at 9:24 am

    Thank you guys for this run down without spoiling the quest line. This really helped me get started. As Mechakisc mentioned too… I’m a dedicated Rogue, its the only class I play and will ever play. Besides the tedious collecting of items from the raid bosses, I should feel right at home with this quest line and its challenges. This will bring back early memories of doing the quest line for my poison abilities or solo stealthing Molten Core for that fragment….Fun times!

  4. January 19, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    Im batman, do you wanna ride with batman ?
    Do you wanna ride in my batmobile ?

  5. 5 Josh
    March 8, 2012 at 2:39 am

    How 3 severely under geared rogues did step 6: I’m in some really crappy gear..greens and what not. I am certain i could have stealthed in there but not defeat the boss by myself. The stealth trip was way too difficult for my girlfriend. So heres what we did. We found another rogue on the same step and made a party of 3 rogues (me, gf, other guy). Other guy had a mage friend and what we did was we went directly in front of the bridge thats directly in front of the boss, flew up as high as we could and the mage would dismount slowfall one of us then himself to save his life. The person would then fly forward and dismount then remove slowfall at such a time that would result in death in front of the bosses area (falling into the bosses area would teleport you out). This will of course kill you but then you’ll be close enough to to res into the bosses area. I recommend having a repair bot just in case but get the idea. It was nice that one of us had glyph of blind to stop the fight with a blind so we could heal. Pretty sure 2 under geared rogues could pull it off with some coordination

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