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The Loot Gods are Toying With Me

Last week we killed Shannox and I was lucky enough to score Feeding Frenzy, which was a nice upgrade to my main hand dagger.

This week we killed Shannox again.  He dropped Avool’s Incendiary Shanker… another slow main hand dagger.

What?  Two slow daggers from the same boss?

It turns out that Feeding Frenzy is a Shannox drop, while Avool’s is a shared drop from any of the bosses in Firelands.

So now I have two nearly identical slow daggers.  I’ll end up dropping a few thousand gold on a Landslide enchant for my Shanker and reforging my gear to squeeze out maybe a 20 dps theoretical improvement (essentially no change).  Maybe I’ll find a place where weapon-swapping is useful again.

I could complain about poor loot distribution by the designers, but it just happens that my guild has only one raiding rogue so I ended up with both daggers.  Its weird to gripe about getting raid loot.  I got two drops in two weeks, but it feels like the loot gods are taunting me.


Classic WoW:
Dinaer - 11 Assassination Rogue
Cepheid - 13 Prot Warrior
Cartho - 11 Elemental Shaman

Retail WoW:
Dinaer - 120 Assassination Rogue (US - Sen'Jin)
Cartho - 120 Elemental Shaman (US - Quel-dorei)
Derence - 120 Prot/Ret Paladin (US - Sen'Jin)
Metius - 120 Shadow Priest (US - Sen'Jin)
Liebnitz - 120 Arcane Mage (US - Sen'Jin)
Darishin - 120 Resto/Balance Druid (US - Sen'Jin)
Fastad - 90 Subtlety Rogue (US - Sen'Jin)
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