Rogue Gear from Unlockable Firelands Vendors

If you’ve been doing your Firelands dailies religiously, then sometime this week you will have your 125 Marks of the World Tree, and you will have the choice of which quest to turn in first.  There is Additional Armaments, Filling the Moonwell, or Calling the Ancients.  Turning in one of those quests at the Sanctuary of Malorne will open up a vendor in the Molten Front.  Each quest opens a different vendor.  Which one to choose?

Available rogue gear:

From Additional Armaments, you will have access to Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball.   The trinket has lots of agility, which is great.  However, crit is generally a weak stat for all rogue specs, and since the crit is from an “on use” ability we can’t reforge it.  Its not bad if you’re still sporting a blue trinket, but even some of the heroic 5-man trinkets will outfperform this.

Also, completing Additional Armaments opens up a lot of new blacksmithing patterns and some engineering patterns (including Flintlocke’s Woodchucker), if you have one of those professions.

From Filling the Moonwell, you’ll be able to buy the Band of Glittering Lights.  Its a small upgrade from the 359 rings.  This vendor also sells a tailoring and two leatherworking patterns for new gathering bags.

From Calling the Ancients you can get Aviana’s Grips.  The mastery on them looks good for assassination rogues.  These are a very small upgrade from the T11 gloves, and there are better ones that drop from Shannox in Firelands if you are progressing there.

If you have been raiding T11 content, then none of these items will blow you away.  If you are still in pre-raid gear then pick the best upgrade.

All three vendors have a minipet for sale.  All three have some sort of vanity item as well.  One other difference is that Call of the Ancients can get you an additional 3 Marks each day from a new daily quest.  Additional Armaments can get you 2 extra marks per day.  Filling the Moonwell gets you no marks as it does not open any new dailies.

You will eventually get all of them if you keep doing dailies and unlocking vendors, so none of the choices is irrevocable.


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