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Coming Up…

I haven’t been posting here because I’ve been busy playing.  This happens at the start of every summer.  I throw all my free time into the game at first, and then I slow down and I can catch up on other things like blogging.  Also the patch has kept me bust with dailies on three characters, plus trying to make gold with multiple professions.

Coming up soon:

  • I never finished writing rogue guides for the T11 content.  Now that its been nerfed, a lot more people will be running it, and often on alts.  I’ll post rogue guides for all the T11 bosses.
  • We start on T12 this week (hopefully).  I’ll try to post rogue guides for the T12 stuff while it is current.
  • New rogue gear.
  • Updated rogue resources.



This Seems Familiar

On my server, its Horde that griefs.  I’m sure that there are Alliance players that act this way as well, but in overwhelming numbers its Horde.  (I am on a PvE server)  I am equally sure than on other servers its the Alliance that does most of the griefing.

The first day of patch 4.2, and the new Thrall questline opened up.  Here we are killing lots of elementals to move forward in the quests.  As we do this, we’re surrounded by Horde who are flagged PvP.  If we use any AoE or multi-target abilities, we might hit them and get flagged ourselves, and then we get dog-piled.  Corpse run time…

It was the same situation in the new Firelands daily quest zone.

This reminds me very much of the Isle of Quel’Danas.  I did a post about the PvP impact on Quel’Danas progress  way back in March of 2008.  It was clear at that time that players on PvP servers made slower progress through the gated content than on PvE servers.  The obvious conclusion is that all the mutual ganking made the dailies either impossible to complete, or made people put them off until the online population was low.  Or, if a sever has an imbalanced horde vs alliance population, then one faction simply can’t do the dailies at all.

I can envision a PvP server where one faction is dominant, and its all but impossible for the other faction to do the Firelands dailies except in the middle of the night.

Is that happening now?  Can anyone on a PvP server comment?


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